Going To Portland, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

If you were going on a trip to, say, Portland, to see the world and learn about it, and some friends told you not to go there, because it’s unfit for human existence, they constantly have fiery hailstorms, and sometimes tidal waves and winds over a thousand miles-an-hour, and, you’d likely evaporate in the toxic atmosphere miles outside the city, well before you even arrived … would you still go? Of course not!

You considered your personal situation; your budget, the amount of time you have to travel, and the things you most want to learn about, but maybe you didn’t account for whether you’d never return, perishing if you visited certain places, not to mention the cost to get you to such a dangerous place safely!

But, then, imagine the trip is important to others, who also want to learn about Portland, so much so, they’re willing to pay for everything!

Still a really easy decision?

This trip is so important it may save Portland from possible destruction and give us insight Continue reading “Going To Portland, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso”

Foreword to Nowhere, Derived From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

This is, from this point forward, all assuming you have read and agreed to the Writ of Compliance. If not, please stop reading now.

Boo Boo says “Shhh!”

In my quest, friends, a thing I know we all have deep down inside (quest, that is), to know everything about everything, I have finally completed this work on my findings, entitled in a way, as I am sure you have caught on to by now, to throw people off our trail. While I had thought I would, upon finally distilling “Everything,” want to share the information, that has not turned out to be the case.

The Universe is very big.

There are things I found out that no-one should ever know. They are contained within. (ad goes here)

Please also enjoy the accompanying music CD (coming soon), which is called “Globe of Time” and aims to tease, mesmerize and tantalize you in a whole ‘nother way.
But for now, I’m afraid you’re already in too deep to back out.


You’re coming.

Shall we start the adventure … in Portland?

(… above is from the forthcoming book “Nothing,” by Mark Urso)

Proceed to nowhere …

Googlevertising and Aliens; How to Take Over The Universe in Seven Easy Steps


Seven Easy Steps

Google has me thinking about advertising. They call it that, but I’m going to call it “Googlevertising.” Googlevertising includes more than just advertising, and brings all new rules to the table!

First: To Googlevertise, you must come up with a new way to do something. Upon thinking one of these up, you must then give it away for free to millions of people, creating a community. In normal advertising, these would be your potential customers, but in Googlevertising, you no longer need the entire person, nor do you need the person to do very much (at first); all you’re going to use is the eyeballs. Google calls this a “community of eyeballs.” These eyeballs, you’ll see, will make you money.

Build websites that provide things to your community for free.

Many creatures have eyeballs. Here’s a dragon.

Second: Do nothing else.
Never ask your customers for money; you no longer treat them as customers; they are eyeballs. Be sure not to get involved in retail sales or anything brick and mortar.

Feel free to create your own map of the entire world, because soon, your community will be anxious to do SOMETHING for all the free email and music they’ve been getting. They will Continue reading “Googlevertising and Aliens; How to Take Over The Universe in Seven Easy Steps”

Writ Of Compliance

I, the blog’s reader, hereby swear to comply with the following rules:

I will only read the blog under the premise I will never tell anyone I read it, or share or convey by any means any of the contents of the blog, or that any contents exist.

Upon agreeing with this Writ of Compliance, I, the reader also vow that if I do read the blog, and at any moment during any such reading, no matter where such reading is to (allegedly or not) take place, I will read it, to such degree as is reasonable, out loud.

The author makes no promise to redeem a reader’s reputation in the case of a reader having been found to have read the blog in a public place, nor apology for offending innocent indirect over-hearers of such reading, regardless of where in the world the reading might take place.

Carry on.

Day One, The Beginning of Nothing


This Blog Isn’t About Anything
Please Don’t Read It!


Welcome to my world!
You have stumbled across my blog!

My world is about books, writing, publishing … and music. I’m an author (“A  Candle Lit,” “Podium Perfection,” “Save Me From The Flood,” “Share The Moon, Episode One, Aina’s Dreams“) and musician (“Share The Moon“). I have performed locally and even gotten paid to do it, a dollar at a time!

mark playing dove guitarI write novels about pretty girls who crave getting into trouble, dragons who conveniently stir things up, talking cats and heros bedeviled by mice.
The “Share The Moon” series is underway, with novel one complete, subtitled “Aina’s Dreams.” My flagship is “A Candle Lit,” a non-fiction book that takes a hard look at addiction, fear-based behavior and bi-polar with a distinctly easy-to-understand style.

I write songs and weave the topics together; “Share The Moon” is also a CD, my first studio recording, with 11 original songs and dragon/girl themes.

I’ll delve into the world of making money as an author and musician. I’m a former Adult Rock FM Radio Program Director, and know the hills and valleys, and gateways, through the maze that is artist development and promotion. I’ll tell you all about not only my career recording convention speakers and creating a sellable CD library, but also my many failings and the hard lessons I learned as a retailer. It’s not easy.

Boo Boo says “Hola!”

Thanks for dropping by!
I hope you find what you were looking for!
Please join the community and subscribe for updates, each time I post a new book chapter, song lyric, or how-to navigate article. They will all be great!

Feel free to contact me!
Let me know what’s on your mind!

Mark Urso

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