Ice Cream, Insanity and Disunity

The Sheer Disunity of Joe Biden

The (fake) President of the United States promised almost nothing when he emerged from a dark, dank basement once or twice to talk to puppets during his campaign last year. By the time he was installed, many citizens had lost faith in him, doubting he’d “end coronavirus,” and instill “unity” in America.

He apparently thought he could! But as it turns out, eight months-later, play toy GI Joe Biden has failed on many fronts, and we’re starting to see Democrats fall from loyalty. Whether Biden wanted to “pack” the Supreme Court will never be known, as he refused to answer the question during a debate, and then failed to get support from Congress for such a move. Ignoring questions was his mode of operation, so we don’t have much to work with to evaluate this poor excuse for a government employee. He seems out of place, failed and totally unaccountable. Continue reading “Ice Cream, Insanity and Disunity”

Alternative Reality is Here! Just Look!

just words

Zooming In on Reality

Standards for audio and video technology, the stuff behind the scenes, deep inside the computer, are based on playback equipment capability, not recording equipment.

This odd, random observation joined another seemingly random observation in my brain today, as I was listening to myself sing a Bob Dylan song … on video!

In the song Tangled Up in Blue, the lyrics say “All the people we used to know; they’re an illusion to me now!” The word “illusion” collided into my mind’s assembly of what would become this article.

The second random observation is life is nothing more than an illusion!

It’s as true as anything! Continue reading “Alternative Reality is Here! Just Look!”

Loaf of Bread

free poem

Loaf of Bread
(a poem)

Sliced bread ain’t that great
Certainly not the best thing I ever ate
Please allow me to elucidate
I know somethin’ better!

When she walks in the room I turn to butter
Better than just about anything ever
No loaf of bread could come near looking better
Especially when she’s in her white sweater

So she’s out in the sun and she’s perfectly toasted
And if I had some jelly and some coffee I roasted
We could clean up the cupboards and toss out the rotted
And we could run on the beach ’till we’re totally wasted Continue reading “Loaf of Bread”

Triple Play Sunday! Franklin Brothers Band, Roomful of Blues and Easton Corbin

Triple Play! Three New Music Videos!

A great variety of new 2021 videos for you today! Last night the popular Franklin Brothers Band from New London, CT mixed up some originals, new material and classic pop covers, bringing a very entertaining, well done show to Pawcatuck, CT’s Phoenix nightclub. I’ll have more footage with some nice camera flyarounds in the next few days from this show. For now, here’s a Franklin Brothers original, 100 Days, 100 Nights, featuring Nichelle Rollins on lead vocals, to start today’s musical feast! Continue reading “Triple Play Sunday! Franklin Brothers Band, Roomful of Blues and Easton Corbin”

20th C. Kids, Bobby Christina, Easton Corbin

Music Video Overload

Another onslaught of fun! You asked for it!

Well, indirectly, by being a viewer of my blog. It’s going to continue to happen, as well. We’re just getting started! Today’s features include three new videos prepped and published during the recent dark ages, during an Internet outage at the studio.

First, our favorite new kids on the block, who’ve been around forever … the 20th-Century Kids, an outstanding band from eastern CT. Continue reading “20th C. Kids, Bobby Christina, Easton Corbin”

Ask a Dog

Dogs know more than we do. It’s not very important, most of the stuff they know, but sometimes dogs really do have a better way. And not just dogs, but all non-human critters, coyotes to whales to bluebirds and slippery snakes. They all co-exist without thinking too much, and that can make them far superior to humans in many ways.

For example, dogs don’t EVER fuss about skin color.

It’s late again. This happens every day. And I have some thoughts, which I shared on Quora. As smart as I think I am, though, I just gave all the credit for this one to a German Shepherd who’s got all of us bested.

The Quora Question

Can you actually prove that “race” is not real because it is allegedly a social construct, which has no factual basis in science?

I didn’t ask the question, but it caught my eye. Continue reading “Ask a Dog”

Chris Bandi – Sweet Home Alabama Mashup (Washington County Fair, RI, 2021)

Country star Chris Bandi graced the stage Saturday night at the Washington County Fair in Richmond, Rhode Island. He brought an impressively small band and made some impressively big sounds! Bandi even explained to the crowd his usual guitarist got COVID so this guitarist was a stand-in who learned the songs in a week! With only himself (vocal, guitar) and a guitarist and drummer (no bass), Bandi’s sound was actually an improvement over many much larger bands I’ve heard! (Let’s not mention the night before, when Easton Corbin made the fair audience wait a full 1-1/2 hours before taking the stage!)

Here’s Bandi having fun with an old Skynyrd track about Alabama! Continue reading “Chris Bandi – Sweet Home Alabama Mashup (Washington County Fair, RI, 2021)”

I Dare You! Introducing The Zipper 2021 – Washington County Agricultural Fair, Friday, Aug. 13, 2021, Richmond, Rhode Island

It’s late. I just saw Chris Bandi at the Washington County Fair in Richmond, RI. It was the Saturday night show, but not attended as well as Friday night with Easton Corbin. Nevertheless, it was a lesser-known talent and a better show!

More on the fabulous Bandi three-piece country rock ensemble coming up. Today, to keep your interest at a fair peak, I’ll shuffle you over to the rides section, where the never-a-good-idea “Zipper” battles side by side against the “Polar Express” for the proud honor of being the strangest idea humans have ever come up with. The screaming is all part of the atmosphere! This video was taken for the last Zipper plunge of the night. HOLD ON! Continue reading “I Dare You! Introducing The Zipper 2021 – Washington County Agricultural Fair, Friday, Aug. 13, 2021, Richmond, Rhode Island”