Nurses at Walgreens Giving COVID Shots By Mistake

Health care in America has contracted an incurable illness. Even worse, it was self-induced, like shooting yourself in the foot carelessly and needlessly. Even worse than that, it was all to increase the billions made by pharma executives, who really didn’t need a penny.

And they have begun sticking people by mistake.

Oops! Wrong medication! I guess I vaccinated you against COVID by mistake. So sorry. Have a nice day!

That’s what happened to a woman in Scottsdale, Arizona, going to get a flu shot at Walgreens.

I hope no-one comes down with a disease that actually has symptoms. That could be dangerous, don’t you think?

But the customer-service people at Walgreens have had extensive training, and are  experts at picking up the correct vials of medicines and reading the labels to make sure before injecting medications into your arm, and also experts (this is a really long sentence, because of all the expertise) in leveling the playing field and giving the customer a great experience, even if something goes wildly wrong. For example, the Walgreens pharmacy attendant told Savannah Courtad, after injecting her against her wishes with COVID vaccine, “sorry we are super busy”, “things like this happen sometimes,” and (kept repeating) “we all make mistakes”.

Of course, because reading a label is such a sub-specialized form of art, we all understand and trust the science.

Gateway Pundit reports “Her nurses acted like it was no big deal, a common mistake, one that ‘happens sometimes’.”

It’s official; the medical care industry in America can not be trusted. You have to actually check the vials YOURSELF before they inject something into you, and they admit that’s the best strategy. The poor nurses at Walgreens are too busy to actually read the labels correctly.

Sick people, you’re on your own.


Mark Urso

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