Not Too Big of a Manatee

Dear Mister Blog Person,

It’s come to my attention there’s been a notable lack of activity on this blog the past few weeks.

Although we’ve had our differences in the past, I, for one, would like to congratulate you on showing respect and restraint to us manatees by not recently directing harsh accusations and unfairnesses toward us, as you have in the past. I hope you’re not sick or anything.

I would like to request more quietness and lack of activity, as your creativeness is what always gets you in trouble.

Personally, I’m not too big of a manatee to admit you might not be so bad, as long as you don’t say anything. You’re much more fair when you shut up.

I’ve had SO much time on my manahands I’m studying to become the first “Manastronaut”


Fred The Manatee

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