No News is Good News! (or, Not Even Interesting!)

Hi everyone!

I wanted to give you a picture I drew years-ago at RISD of my cat, Boo Boo, who speaks fluent Spanish, but first I thought I should tell you something NOT IMPORTANT at all – so don’t worry about it, okay?

The thing is, I have my own store!

That’s all. No biggie. I’ll tell ya, there’s only two things in there for sale at this point, it being the FIRST DAY of this completely unimportant development. One of my books and my CD. So buy them. I got it all set up for you! If you enjoy the experience, or if you don’t, let me know!


This will be FUN! Just go to “Shop” at the top of every page!

That’s all. Here’s the cat:

Boo Boo says “Hola!”

What? Did you want a smile too? He don’t do that.

BUT, just scroll down on (any) web page for a free (happy) song!

Peace everybody! Happy shopping! Don’t spend too much!

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