New Day! (CD Version, Share The Moon)

Good Morning! And if it’s not morning it will be again soon! These fabulous new days just keep coming! I wrote a song about it – called “New Day,” which I will share with you now!

From the album “Share The Moon” (lyrics below)

New Day Lyrics:

New way!
It’s a new day!
Livin’ in the new day …
Livin’ in a new way!

Livin’ in the new day
In a new way!
Livin’ in the new day
Comin’ around with a new way!

All around, up and down-and in between!
We’re gonna have a sweet daydream!
All around and in between
Up and down or so it seems!

In the new day!
Stayin’ in the new day!
If I had my way!
Come on this way!

I wanna tell you, I know!
I know a new way!
C’mon baby my way!
I ain’t afraid to say! – one, two!

I’m lookin’ for somebody
To come and play
And that’s not everything that
I got to say!

Somebody not afraid
To let me be who I’m gonna be!
‘Cause I don’t know who that is yet
And I wanna see!

(All around-Up and down-and in between!)

I’m lookin’ for somebody
Who’s grateful for what she has
A girl who’s not afraid to win
Or take a compliment!

Somebody not worried …
’Bout how she’s gonna fitt in
‘Cause you gotta do your thing too
And I’m gonna be right here for you!

Wigglin’ and jigglin!
To the sweet night ocean spray!
I see ya over there Sugar!
I’m gonna dance around your way!

I’m lookin’ for somebody …
And y’know I’m here to stay!
Let me tell you everybody,
‘bout this beautiful brand new day!

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