Neaky Freat (A Poem)

Neaky freat or freaky neat
Put your hands up in defeat!
Word is, on the street
You’re hotter than a cookie sheet

Freaky Friday special
Order some today
Rock a throw through a window
Knock you on your seat

Octopuses dance
Have a berry treat
Psychedelic paint
I think you’re really neat

Pina Colada
Watermelon seed
Kaleidoscope of ocean green
This is where we meet

Put it on the ground
Push it with your feet
Like skiing in the dark
Like Peekaboo Street

Hover like a mountain
Spring like a season
Wiggle to the rhythm
Give me one more reason

I wouldn’t mind something sweet
My fortune teller freak
My melody, and my beat were
Previously incomplete

Supersize the cookie sheet
Fire never been so sweet
Floa-ting fee- feet!
Like a prayer, like a freak!

Sneaky seasons freaky reasons
Dancin’ fleas … bumblebees …
Frosty sundaes jimmies cherries
Psych – e – delic berries!

You’re my neaky freaky neat
You’re completely in defeat
Cigarettes Heineken and
Intercontinental sin

We remember to forget
We suggest one more edit
We are ready but then not
(We could) do this all day long!

Supersized cookie sheet
Fire’s hot, you’re so sweet
Floa-ting can’t be beat
Say a prayer – then repeat!

We’re on a mighty trip
We never get it right
But God grades on a curve
You get what you deserve (a song!)

Dance a mile
Trust my soul awhile
Can’t be wrong
It’s written in the song (right there!)

Intercontinental berry
Con-glomerated merry
No detail necessary
Hearts beatin’ so so steady

This song is quite a trick
P-p-part of a full set
But, by the end of night
This is all you get

You shouldn’t overlook it
It might have super clues
Magic purple bunnies
In invisible rooms

Secret sauces stirring
Momentum strong
I promise you won’t get it right
But you can’t get it wrong

Octopuses watermelons
Pet a chipmunk (sing along!)
We should neaky-freaky-meet, and
(We should) do this all day long!

– Mark Urso


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