My Cat (A Poem)

My cat’s got a tiny head
A tiny brain, let’s not forget
She’s got little paws, squeezy sharp
But she doesn’t use them to play the harp

My cat doesn’t need to be too smart
She won’t be quotin’ Rene Descartes
And I’m pretty sure she likes the songs
With the really big sound and lots of horns!

Her version of intellectual
Is just some loud Madonna or some Sheryl Crow
She don’t need no degree
To teach some important things to me

It might be the size of a ping-pong ball
I’ll admit It’s relatively small
She’s just sittin’ where the music’s loud
And I’m not quite sure why she looks so proud

But she’s got me convinced
That she’s got it goin’ on
So I’ll just spin  … just …
Spin just one more song


– Mark Urso


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