Monkey and The Engineer (Music Video)

I’m watching World of Dance!

I didn’t even know the show existed!

Jennifer Lopez is one of the hosts, and I just saw one of the most beautiful dances I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure how good the guy was, but the girl was amazing! That’s a bit of a confession! As an audience member, if I’m watching a pair dance I’ll usually only watch the woman. I think that’s the right thing to do; she’s the centerpiece!

These two scored a 95!

Now this is all intended, blog-wise, to segue into something completely different. Awkward or smooth, I’m going to ask you now not to take your eyes off of the gentleman!

He’s all alone, with only his guitar, performing, by request of friend David Cugini, “Monkey and The Engineer!” (Jesse Fuller)

Hope you enjoy!

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