Mini Concert (Making Pies and Fly To The Sun) (Music Videos)

Today it’s a free mini concert!

First up: A cover of Patty Griffin’s “Making Pies.”

That’s a Hagstrom HL550 hollowbody guitar sounding so nice!

Next up is an original called “Fly To The Sun.” Enjoy!

Fly To The Sun

I just want a girl ain’t gonna ruin my life
She could look good too that’d be alright
I just don’t know what I would do
If I got involved with a girl like you

I’m not sayin’ you’re bad for me
Might be somebody else that’s better though, see?
I’m ridin’ on the edge of reality dear
And I’m afraid of the future, not what’s right here

What’s out there in space things that haven’t happened yet
Things that go wrong, and can make you upset
I’m concerned about me and the girl that I choose
Not about what we’ll have but about what we’ll lose

Will she turn into a crazy monster bitch?
Will she cast evil spells on me like a witch?
Will her eyes become black as coal in a ditch?
Will she treat those she loves like a really bad itch?

You can’t see these things no matter how hard you look
So baby open up to me like a book
And show me the future, that’s what I want
Show me it ends on a farm in Vermont

Show me the bird flies home to the sun
That the colors don’t all eerily run
Show me your hands and your eyes and your face
And promise me it won’t all end in disgrace

Do I love you still and do you love me?
Can we just compromise and not need to agree?
Am I still good enough or did you leave long ago
I want to read the end of the book really slow

I don’t think there’s a way to get it just right
And deep inside I may still have a fight
My future isn’t determined by spite
And I’ll fly to the sun with all my might!

Mark Urso

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