Maria Bartiromo Biden Family Scandal Video Primer With Congressman Jim Jordan

Maria Bartiromo

Fox News Oct 25, 2020 – Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan regarding emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop:

“They’re as real as they can be. We have the eyewitness, Mr. Bobulinski, who said these are authentic, these are real. The big guy in one of these emails does in fact mean Joe Biden, and he himself had spoke to former Vice President Biden. The fundamental question is, if these aren’t accurate emails, why won’t the Bidens say so? And frankly, why won’t the press ask him that basic question, Mr. Biden, are these actually accurate, is this Hunter Biden’s laptop, and, in fact, are you the big guy? They won’t ask him that question, but the American people know these facts are true.”

Breaking it down (Maria) – They created a “holding company,” and the Bidens would be “partners in the equity and partners of the joint ventures investment,” Bartiromo says, continuing with specifics … it says “another 10 (percent) held by H for the big guy.”

It’s all in this Fox video!

… which Fox subsequently took down off of YouTube, as you can see by the black and white error screen above. Here’s something shorter from Jordan’s YouTube channel. Will be interested to see if this lasts. I just published this article today, Oct. 25, the same day the Fox video was taken down later in the day.

The other video, from Maria’s show this morning is worth seeing.

Mark Urso

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