Amid controversy over habitat, community standing, and even ethical posture, Florida’s manatees are suing billionare Elon Musk, and say they feel slighted by Musk’s latest adventures in space. A spokesman for a popular herd told the Associated Press in a prepared statement he was “shocked and offended” that people “care more about a little red sports car than manatees.”

The spokesman, who goes by just “Fred,” appealed to Musk, saying “if you can put a car in a rocket, you can put a manatee in one.” The lawsuit is based on Fred’s claim manatees were never offered a chance to go to space despite their reputation for meandering, which Fred said makes manatees “perfect for the job; Just because we’re not slim and fast doesn’t mean we can’t meander through the far reaches of the galaxy with aplomb.”

The release claims the University of Miami physics department endorses manatees in space, based on “evidence manatees float better than cars.” Spokesman Fred said orbiting Mars is “one of my dreams, but now, thanks to Musk, I’ll never get to do it!” He says Musk won’t send manatees to space because he’s afraid they’ll colonize Mars and become a superior race.

The manatees, who recently targeted Sesame Street with a similar suit, were reacting to news this week Musk launched a cherry red Tesla Roadster into outer space, with a circuit board engraved with the words “Made on Earth by Humans.”

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