(MIAMI) Florida’s uppity manatee population may face deportation under a new effort by the Trump administration.

The popular “sea cows” are gearing up to take the case to court, while a local faction is considering migrating to Mexico … and a longer-term mission to Mars!

U.S. President Donald Trump hastily signed an executive order this week to prevent manatees from claiming residency, calling them “bad, really bad. Worse than Castro.”

“No walls can keep these animals out of our country!” Trump tweeted, adding “I hope Elon sends them to the Moon!”

A herd spokesman called it “a misunderstanding,” saying his group retained Miami attorney Susan Happy from the firm “Happy Happy Happy and Saad,” calling her an “easy choice because she has perspective.”

The Florida manatees also announced they’re negotiating a recording contract in Mexico.

The creatures apparently formed a band, “Manatee Revolution,” hoping to perform at a pier in Cancun in February. They plan to use the act as a soapbox to tout manatee pride, and in an apparent swipe at explorer billionaire Elon Musk, plan to call their debut album “Manatees in Space,” referring to a suit against Musk, who recently sent a Tesla sports car into outer space.

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