Make America Great Again Rally in Georgia, President Trump’s 4th Rally of the Day

Super Spreading Honesty, Peacefulness and Hope: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Rome, GA 11-1-20

This was broadcast by RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting), a small outfit from Alabama created just to fill the void. Trump’s fourth rally today, this event ended at 10PM EST, when the President went to his fifth rally of the day in Miami, scheduled to begin at 11:30PM! The viewership on RSBN on YouTube was as high as 175,000 concurrently during this live presentation.

Though this is a US Presidential election being closely followed by the whole world, this event was not covered by any other news operations, not even Fox. You can watch the entire event here.

Please contact me if you’re interested in creating a fair minded news station. Once Trump wins (again), there will be a continuing market for truth. Our task will be to re-open America, and make it even better.

Have a great day!

Mark Urso

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