Low Resolution Love (A Poem)

Low Resolution Love

Once I found a fiddlestick
As I was wandering
The bees and birds and foxes too
Would follow me as if I knew

The way to wonderful new
Happenings, friends and lovers too
The place in heaven carved for me
The peace on earth I feel and see

Close your eyes
Let it flow
In your heart
Let it glow

Happiness is close at hand
Carved by wind into the sand
Just get yourself a fiddle mate
And soon enough we’ll have a band

She doesn’t care what you do with it
Nature she just made a stick
But in time, my friend, you’ll naturally rhyme
And maybe have some extra time

Once I sang a happy song
Proudly as I strolled along
That place I brought everywhere with me
Carried it in my heartbeat

Now I got this fiddlestick
Oh! life’s simple joys!
The bees and birds and foxes too
Are gettin’ ready to make some noise!

Open them now
Trust me a little
Then tap and fiddle
With a little wiggle

Sometimes I think it’s all in my head
Like some old song from the Grateful Dead
But the story, it’s all I’ve got
I gotta believe it whether I like it or not!

I know it’s just a fantasy
I know you can do it better than me
I know I spread myself too thin
Every breath is nothing more than a whim

Raise your eyes
Say a prayer
Your career

The only way
To solve the riddle
Throw a stick in the crowd
And pray for a fiddle

Come on friends and play along!
Get your sticks, wave them strong!
The beauty’s in your fingertips
To change the world as you see fit!

Mark Urso



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