Life in Modern America, as Depicted in Cartoons

Good morning!

And if it’s not morning, please come back when it is. There are SOME rules. If you’re struggling getting up early enough to participate, please just reconsider your position. It’s very easy to change your view of what “morning” means.

And now for something completely different!

From the “Babylon Bee,” and its new series of cartoons. Just for you!

Especially if you’re white.

In this upside-down world, satire still has the power to right things up. But it has to be fine-quality, sophisticated, intelligent satire.

I like the bee. This puppy’s a must-watch:

Thought provoking? Revving up your gearbox? Be a bicyclist!

If you’re like me, you’re glad you watched this. In the olden days, motorcycles weren’t even invented, and they never lived up to their REAL potential, did they?

Meanwhile, country singer Aaron Lewis isn’t the only one screamin’ “what the hell” at his TV! Lewis addressed a lively crowd before performing his new single “Am I The Only One,” urging Americans “not to stand idly by while evil men do what they do!”

Credit to Youtuber Steve Luczka for holding up his phone to get that video! Now go off and have a great rest of the day … afternoon … night … soon we’ll take on the monsters.

But for now it’s important to laugh at them!


Mark Urso

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