Learned To Be A Man (A Poem)

Boys, when you get home tonight …
Tell your mother or your brother
Or your sister or your lover
That you learned to be a man

At first you thought it was a scam
It seemed too easy of a plan
But if a man can hold his own
He’s not quite done until he’s told

A woman that she’s beautiful
That her eyes are filled with love
That she floats just like an angel
And she makes your river run

There’s an un-bespoken rule
A commitment to the world
A responsibility
To see a woman as a pearl

You’ve got to make a sound
Don’t be stoic; don’t be proud
So the people all will know
It’s not the men who run the show

You won’t be lifting any pounds
Lift your head and spin around
So see the women in the world
So let them know they’re safe and sound

All a gentleman will need
A compliment is like a seed
The luckiest you’ll ever be
Is when you’re well-accompanied

– Mark Urso

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