Kill Shot Bravo Tips and Tricks (or, How to Really Play for Free!)

When I have a little me time, I’ll get out my miniature game console, my smartphone, and kill some s.o.b.s! Ahhh, modern recreation! If you haven’t played Kill Shot Bravo yet, you haven’t met the fun side of me!

Go go go!

In a previous article I discussed the specifics in KSB’s Sniper Duel mode. In this brief article I’ll list tips and tricks, and talk about paying versus playing free!

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Play Kill Shot Bravo For Free

You can play Kill Shot Bravo for free easily, even though it can be one of the most expensive games if you choose to pay with real money. The most basic things to do for free fun is play the daily events (gauntlet and daily mission) and play as much as you can with NO power ups. Often you don’t need them.

Play With No Power-Ups

Playing without power ups is fun, and sometimes works best. In assault missions, you want to keep up with the red flags, so keep the spotter OFF so you can follow just the red ones. In a Primary Mission, you may only have to shoot the red ones, which appear even without the spotter turned on. In breach missions it’s just more fun to keep all the power-ups turned off unless the mission lets you know you need one; usually you don’t. In some cases you need the spotter turned ON, for example when you have multiple characters running around and some are friendlies, and especially when the bad guys are using turrets to shoot the friendlies. Also, if you run out of armor-piercing bullets, keep playing – if the opponent is hard to kill, just shoot the legs, back, or nether regions.

No Free Gold For You!

There are no hacks that will let you play this game for free; and good thing, because that would ruin the fun! If you search online you may find schemes, but the closest you’ll come to free gold in the game would be if you got one of those hacks to work and then stayed offline. The real glory of this game is playing against the rest of the world – the strangers you meet – so staying offline just to keep your bogus dollars doesn’t seem satisfying at all. The gold is hard to get; learn how to get it legit and then use it smartly. Playing with no power ups when possible is a great strategy!

How To Take Down Helicopters

If you need to take out a helicopter hit the engines. There are two of them and the helicopter has to be facing you! Turn on thermal and it will make sense. Any bullets will do the trick. If you only have a shot at one engine, try hitting it twice.

How To Take Down Mechs

To take out a mech (big robot) hit it in the shoulders then the head. You have to wait for it to face you. If you are using armor-piercing bullets you can just shoot it anywhere – the a-p bullets will kill the mechs easily. If you have a strong gun, you can keep shooting the mech in its blue eyes. But this works best: The mechs have panels on their shoulders which have yellow stripes on them – shoot both panels and the helmet flies off – then take out the human head. Remember sometimes hidden objects like these shoulder panels can be discovered on your own if you turn on Thermal, but now you know they’re there you won’t need to use Thermal to know where to shoot. When you are shooting a vulnerable spot you do not need armor piercing bullets.

Shoot For The Head And Face

When you are not using armor-piercing ammo and the target is wearing a helmet you can’t penetrate with a sniper shot, aim for his face. Alternatively his legs or other unsheilded body part. You can hit his legs or hands and usually kill him even if you can’t see most of him. Look for his feet. Shoot at the neck or face if you can; zoom way in or it won’t be possible.

Shoot The Turret Gun Operators

When you see a turret gun set up anywhere, remember where it is – as you play the scene there will be enemy soldiers repeatedly running toward the turret – keep killing them. The turret is often the location where the target will run to and finally stop, so if you know where he’s going to stop running you can be ahead of him. The turrets look like camera tripods. If there are friendlies in the mission the game will be over fast if you let anyone reach a turret.

Hit The Target In The Belt

Hit bullet belts. There are strategies for where you are aiming, but keep in mind if you have a dozen enemies all in a group and they’re all facing you, threatening you, hitting just one of them in the ammunition belt can solve your problem fast.

Pause Just Before The Head Shot!

Wait until your enemy is facing you. This is not always the right thing to do, however it can make the game more fun, and sometimes the game even pauses a tiny bit for the perfect headshot, but not until the opponent is facing you. If the opponent is aiming his gun at you he won’t be moving, so sometimes waiting for him to start aiming his gun is the perfect time to nail him.

Hit The Trash Cans

Hit any trash can type objects whenever you can. They seem to be full of oil or something fun. They often result in a multi-kill explosion.

Hit The Hidden Generator If Your Target Is Hiding

If an opponent is hiding and won’t reveal himself, and you can’t shoot through the thing he’s hiding behind, sometimes the “Thermal” button will be available. Turn it on and you might see a generator or something that requires maintenance if it breaks – shoot it – the enemy soldier will come out to fix it.

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Don’t Take The Free Replay; Do Take The Bonus Reward!

When the game offers a free play after you lose, skip it. It never works because there’s never an ad available to watch, and you are left with a “next play” screen but you may be out of lives. This can turn into a reboot scenario! On the other hand, if you win a match and the game says “Watch a Video for a Bonus Reward” definitely do that every time – the video always seems to play and you will double your winnings.

Go Go Go!

dragonWhen you hear “Go Go Go” something is about to happen, probably the next shot will be your winning kill shot. “Go Go Go” also prompts you to hurry up in a timed mission. In an assault it means you’re done with this section and your heicopter or truck is about to start moving. To prompt the vehicle to start moving, if you think you’ve hit everything important, back out of zoom.

Have fun shooting! Look me up if you dare!

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  1. helicopters can also be taken down with a single armor piercing round front the side if you hit it about the middle of the engine. sometimes takes 2 or more but definitely works.

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