Katie Go Home! (or, Welcome To South Korea for the Winter Olympics!)

<Warning: The following story is biased. You’ll see.>

Why is Katie Couric hosting the Olympics? This is a sports event, not a political one. She shouldn’t be there; not to represent the United States. Not this year.

Tonight began Winter Olympics 2018 from South Korea, and a lot of great things happened, even some you could certainly call political, I suppose. But can’t people just get together? Even if the Koreas combine into one for the events, a single Korea, a motion, an expression, of interest to all earthlings … this is still a sporting event. It’s an every-four-year happening that might take the temperature of political climates, but that’s only because everyone’s invited.

Why is Katie here?

She used to be a cute, capable reporter. So much so, Couric became extremely popular and successful (CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes), but as an adult she developed strong personal opinions and revealed a bitter personality, more and more, essentially becoming not a spokesmodel for either cute and competent or tough and real; she became a hypocrite. And it’s oddly because of the cuteness; she played that card heavily, until later in life giving up the act a little, so we could see it was one.

Katie Couric might be the fakest person on television, and that makes it a real shame she’s considered a “reporter” (Wikipedia calls her a “journalist and author”).

In the 1990’s for “Today,” she was national political correspondent. She filled in for Tom Brokaw on NBC, has interviewed many international political figures, and is one of the highest-paid journalists in the world.

Why is she here? Is she a gymnast, too?


In 2003 Couric interviewed Simon Cowell on the Jay Leno show, and for the occasion the front of Leno’s desk was cut away to expose her, and I’m trying to be unbiased here, sexy reporter legs.

In years past, Couric has hosted Olympics opening ceremonies. She’s also done news reports and broadcast the Today show from the Olympics. She really has been everywhere!

Sometimes … too many places …

In 2016, Couric admitted guilt in editing the audio in an interview to purposefully make a group of gun rights activists look like they were tongue-tied; she asked how to keep felons from getting guns, then edited the film, inserting silence and displaying the gun rights people as if they were dumbfounded.

Katie Couric is unethical. It’s not just that she lies, but she covers it up with her cuteness. It’s gotta stop workin’ soon.

People love this stuff! This is blind one-way loyalty.

In the world of law, those lawyers people like to think of as fast-talkers and slippery … if one did what Katie Couric did, he’d be disbarred, never allowed to practice law again.

She committed a cardinal journalistic sin. And now she’s gotten herself invited to flap her wings as if following the logical path of parlaying her public disloyalty and untrustworthiness, and diminishing cuteness, into maybe even a run for political office.

Why is she at PyeongChang in 2018?

If she is to be here, she should let us know how happy and excited she is to be here, although as a serious international political news reporter, tonight she failed to do that.

At least maybe she could try to fit in better, seeing she’s out of her comfort zone. She could, I think, dress in a way to better manipulate public opinion. Tonight Couric wore a Hilaryesque light blue cloth bag thing with arms and zipper. This stood out, I think, especially since the South Koreans tend to prefer sequins (especially on figure skaters, which, with her legs, Couric could easily pass herself off as).

I wish her well, I really do. I hope Katie has a ball in South Korea, and grows her fan base, and earns a lot of money. She must have a hell of an agent (or be one). I just didn’t want anyone to think I was writing in a way to make someone look bad.

I would never do that.


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