Joe Biden is a Criminal

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And what a beautiful new day it is! Today’s article comes from my answers on the site Quora. The topic was why do people hate Donald Trump, an eternal question that could be asked and answered in many forms, which I couldn’t resist. I’m a big Trump fan.

So here we go, into Quora land … see you on the other side!

Original question: People say the U.S. Government has brainwashed the public against Trump, others say that Trump has brainwashed the public against the U.S. Government. Both sides of the spectrum are highly polarized. My question is where is the middle ground?

Good question!

Democrats took out the middle ground when they embraced communism, explicitly in college settings to trickle down over the years, when they installed, especially during Obama’s administration, judges, DAs and AGs throughout the country who were not only Democrats but who were controllable, agreeable and willing to be corrupt, and when they created censorship through “partisan” “friendships” with major corporations and major online players like YouTube. Through the money-fueled corporate channel, often with taxpayer dollars, the Democratic party convinced many major news media outlets to censor information and proliferate propaganda, two strategies that support each other. As a result, they control what you think.

So, initially, what you say (first), that the government has brainwashed the public against Trump is very true. But it’s actually much worse on a day-to-day basis. Some employees in the public sector “entertainment” industry take it upon themselves to, like sheep, follow whatever feels to be the strongest public sentiment. Nowadays, you can have a sharp discussion with your barber about politics, but for decades you’ve been getting haircuts from this guy and never before had politics ever come up for discussion! There’s a layered situation that results, where people who have lots of information may keep quiet, generally, as they always have, but a big group of people with no incentive to think for themselves, being fed propaganda, double- and triple-down. It always seems to be one side of the argument that isn’t an argument at all, it’s just a bunch of meaningless words or words that insult but do nothing more. From one side. Oddly it’s always the same side.  Lots of insults, very very little substance.

Good journalism starts in the middle.

We have no good journalism.

Biden botched Afghanistan; no-one can praise him for that, so it’s swept under the rug. That would have been an automatic impeachment if it were the “other party.” It’s always the same side that is corrupt; the same men in big houses and usually Democrats. The Democrats’ plan is to eliminate elections entirely and join the WEF. How is this okay? With any human on earth that isn’t Bill Gates or Charles Schwab, who doesn’t have multi-billions of dollars and won’t be on the elite board of rulers of the world? OK with you??? No-one in the world will ever vote on major decisions, ever again. The uber-rich people who thought up WEF will make all these decisions, and you will comply.

We know that ballots were handled in completely unacceptable ways. During the big election, law requires that election “watchers” be allowed to watch the counting. They were kicked out of the room, made to stand on the sidewalk, and then big pieces of cardboard were put up over the windows. Is that OK with you???? Oh, it was the Democrats and the winner was Katie Holmes. Dandy.

So think about this. Four AM. I’m awake. The voting stops, because of a “water main break.” It would be confirmed weeks later there WAS NO WATER MAIN BREAK, but the information was disjointed from real-time enough that the tilted media could ignore it pretty easily. Now Trump was ahead, but when the counting resumed, HOURS later, Trump was well behind and doomed to lose. What happened? Hey look! Video footage of people dumping PILES of ballots at once into public ballot boxes that were put out on streets long before election day, and video of a TRUCK pulling in to the voting location and bringing in huge pallets of something! What do you think they are? Let’s pretend they’re ballots, ’cause they needed A LOT. AND IN A HURRY! They were NOT expecting this to happen (again). They cheated in advance, but now needed to cheat a LOT more. Let’s imagine there WAS cheating. Let’s say everyone does it, both sides. When all is said and done, regarding Trump/Biden, think about those pallets of ballots. Who did those ballots vote for?

If those were pallets of fake ballots, to be used to cheat, whose name were they voting for? Were there Trump votes?

C’mon, you know!

It’s always, always, always, the Obama squad. They counter-attack in advance, nearly messaging their intent, by accusing you of what they’re about to do, and the media backs it all up.

Joe Biden is a criminal.

If we had good journalism, a reporter would investigate a story and look at both sides of it, starting in the “middle ground,” as he should, with no personal opinions leading him along. Today, in 2023, after FULLY investigating, he would almost always come up with a story that would be embarrassing and damning to the corrupt “leaders” currently in power.

But there is no middle ground, not anything of substance, because the mainstream news has gone to bed with the Democratic (forever democrats, no more elections ever) party, for money.

Original question: People say the U.S. Government has brainwashed the public against Trump, others say that Trump has brainwashed the public against the U.S. Government. Both sides of the spectrum are highly polarized. My question is where is the middle ground?


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