It’s Time To Play Let’s Be Psychopaths

The View. and Only The View

Some of the loveliest liars on television have started a new contest, and you’re invited to play! It’s called “Let’s be Psychopaths,” and today’s guest will be …

Oh wait, the guest cancelled.

We’ll start the game very soon, promise! It’s courtesy of Joy and Happy and Whoopi and Sunshine and all the sweet ladies on the open-minded, fact-filled TV show called “The View,” a modern version of the traditional “news” show, with much smarter and stronger hosts than Ted Koppel could ever dream of being. Their names say it all.

I can’t believe the stupid guest canceled. What a jerk. Doesn’t he know how hard the ladies worked on this? They even told him they’d  be “honored” to have him on the show. He didn’t take the bait, though. It would have been funny.

Instead, the jerk just sent these truly honorable women, who definitely don’t deserve to be treated this way, a letter. It was pretty nasty. He pretended to know history.

This guy’s name is Ron DeSantis. He’s Governor of Florida, but most people think of him as a marginally-effective, Trump-loving Nazi. Except voters and citizens and a few people who are paying way too much attention. To get to the truth about this nutcase, the ladies on the View were prepared to use their skills at making up information, supported by carefully-calculated spurts of patented “Whoopi-Ass™” canned laughter and applause, to reveal what they see, taking DeSantis down to their own level, getting him off his prissy better-than-black-people high horse. What a jerk. Did I say that enough? Let’s just look at this unfair and biased letter.

You’d think this big, important man would have the courage to stand up to four or five small, innocent, high-class ladies who just want to have a little fun. It’s probably because he hates black people, and he can’t compete with Whoopi’s ass.

Redstate reports “Sunny Hostin, perhaps the dimmest host on the show despite having a law degree, has called him a “fascist and bigot.” In another instance, Ana Navarro said DeSantis is “anti-black” while comparing him to dictators in Venezuela and Nicaragua.”

When’s the last time someone called YOU a “negligent, homicidal sociopath?” Isn’t that enough to get you to come on their friendly fact-based talk show? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to defend your innocent, God-fearing soul? The dude must be guilty. I mean, he could just say “No, Whoopi, you’re wrong, and I’m the Governor of Florida, so let me tell your viewers the truth!”

Why can’t he do that?

Keep on Viewin’, my innocent pale-faced friends.

Maybe you’ll figure it out.


Mark Urso

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  1. We think alike. Please get your name out in the public domain so the linear thinkers can wake up and join the information war. I like Trump and Putin who will be absolved when Nikola Tesla’s patents are brought to the fore. I have lost 13 former friends. All take shots, all believe Fauci, all laugh at me for believing alt. media. I do NOT own a tv (aka Jewtube)

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