In The Real Story, The Hero is Trump

It’s been over two years of “what’s going on!”

So, looking back , do we have a clue?

This is my assessment of what’s going on and why. It’s often the “why” that creates division and confusion. The bottom line in the story of the US in 2021 is “China.”

You may think many things … it may seem confusing. You may think Donald Trump caused problems. You may think so-called “progressives” are having a day in the sun, gleaning attention and respect they never got before, and you may think they are of great numbers and deserve this attention.

You may think Black Lives Matter started with good intentions but got ruined by Antifa. You may think arson in Oregon and Washington was isolated and insignificant. You may think pandemics require re-thinking and repositioning so much it’s impossible to understand. You may think police are generally bad and reform is needed.

You may think the Swedish have it made.

On all of these counts, though, you’d be wrong. Not only can this make you less prepared for the future, but (as much as I hate the expression) you might be “part of the problem.” As we try to understand and fix many “progressive” problems with America, right and wrong are slowly emerging as visible, despite the devil’s efforts to merge and blur. The stubborn may refuse to see, and will become even more stubborn!

The bad guys in the story are not police officers or people who choose not to get vaccinated. Sides are taking shape. If you don’t see connections between oil pipelines, pornography in schools, Hunter’s artwork, disrespect for Melania and her family and many other crazy things that are happening, with an open mind today you should begin to see the underlying issue. But like a stubborn person who becomes more stubborn when confronted, the issues can become blurry when you inquire into them. The bad guys in this tale are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the good guys are hard to find, but represented by Donald Trump.

Is he too “unamerican” for you? Well, then we’ve got a stubborn one on our hands. If you want to wear that badge this article won’t help; please move on. Are you willing to show your face, state your name and have a conversation with real information? That is a turning point, and now is the time to turn.

The Beginning

To turn the corner and start being “American,” first we need to understand the story. I can give you one that makes sense, where all the pieces fit. I bet you don’t have one, unless you’re on the same track as I, as many Americans are. It’s easy to see a majority of Americans are unhappy with the present government, and many are confused. We can’t plan our futures when we’re confused. To turn the tables we have to understand the background, accept what we don’t like, and find solidarity, while Democrats in government have well-developed relationships with major media and college administrators to teach real Americans how to be confused.

Is Joe Biden just incapable? Did he hire weirdos for his cabinet because he was told to? Is he too ill to visit the Mexican border? Why is he so gung-ho on mask mandates? Why does he do nothing, while denying and lying and being allowed to continue? What are schools teaching our children? Why are Americans at odds with each other?

This all started a long time ago. It was 1987 when Biden lied on TV about his law school accomplishments. Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, said “Joe Biden has been lying about his personal life for decades.” In 2009, Barack Obama would pick Biden as his Vice President. Obama would then famously disrespect American values, refusing to salute the flag and apologizing for America. In only Obama’s first term red flags were everywhere.

Biden makes no secret he loves China. In July, 2020, Newsweek wrote “It takes a lot of willful ignorance to condone China’s deadly mishandling and attempted cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak — but for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, appeasing Beijing is a way of life.”

The article continues on point: “Biden’s willful ignorance toward China’s acts of economic aggression goes back decades. While serving in the Senate, he voted to grant the Communist regime “most favored nation” trading status, and later supported China’s admission into the World Trade Organization. Advocates claimed this would force China to play by the rules of international trade, but Beijing’s cheating remained as brazen as ever, and millions of American jobs were shipped across the Pacific.”

Oddly, while Obama was practicing hating America, it was during his term everything started to become racist. Oddly as well, Obama, credited with being the first black President, selected an arrogant bigot for VP, a man who said about Obama “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

We suddenly had a racist country, after electing the first black President. What have we done!

All of us, soon, would be racist. Blacks would continue to kill blacks, outnumbering other hate crimes, while everyone involved still got called racist. And if they didn’t get called racist, they were either driving a Ferrari while not being racist or their history would have them on the highest racist pedestal, like Joe Biden.

In 2008, says Time magazine, Biden predicted a “generated crisis” under Obama’s watch. “We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.” This was #5 on Time’s list of Biden’s top gaffes. Did he give away a big secret? Was he pointing to intentional mishandling of government affairs?

China is the reason Biden makes most of his decisions. We have heard about his son’s laptop, which is apparently riddled with embarrassing and probably illegal things, but where is it? Did the corrupt FBI sink it in the ocean, for the good of America? Do the Chinese have a copy of everything, so they can pull the strings?

Now Youtube has turned off downvote counts, after the world saw the counts being manually changed because so many people disliked videos featuring Joe Biden. Still, though, rifling through the rubbish, we can find lots of puzzle pieces that confirm Joe Biden’s affection for Xi Jinping and the CCP.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CCP, clipped from a YouTube video titled “With Joe Biden, China Is In Charge”

Now let’s complete the story.

In communist China, Donald Trump could never dream to be President. In America, Donald Trump is proof that ANYONE can dream to be President, and it’s not make-believe. Barack Obama did nothing to make Americans proud, and the veneer of pride that came with watching his big win, as if American voters had a new champion, one to be especially proud of (somehow) just because of his skin color, turned into doubt of the emperor’s clothes. While progressives danced in their tiny minds in victory and planned more civil action, most Americans never intended to go “fully woke” just because they thought it was novel to have a black President. We thought he liked America, but we would slowly learn the opposite to be true. It would not take long for Obama’s hatred for all-things-American to be his own downfall, and take down Hillary Clinton, too. She would be defeated by a talk-show host, one who’d spent his life applying for permits for major construction jobs. He knew how the game is played.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Remarkable, as Clinton had significant clout. But this was still America, where ANYONE can dream of success. Not China.

The Beginning of the End

It was at this point everything changed, and it’s easy to see why. It was at this point you were lied to, and it’s easy to see why. If you bought into Trump being anti-women or having dishonest dealings, you would begin to follow the devil’s laser pointer, leading you down a satanic rabbit hole, a hole of stupidity and stubbornness. Unfortunately, many Americans were willing to poke their noses into this hole and would be relieved of their ability to think for years. The leftist movement would be a good fit for anti-Trump sentiment, playing upon the good intentions of people for freedoms, prosperity and good will toward humanity.

AOC announces the world will end in 12 years. She has no idea what she’s talking about, but this is a good test of the college-age kids, to see if they believe her completely made up lie, and they do. Water tested.

Burn buildings down! Claim it’s righteous!

By playing upon the “good” intentions of well-meaning Americans, we have arrived at a very bad place. We started off trusting the “we’re not racist” theme that would get Obama voted in. Then we were manipulated to think we, the same ones who elected the black guy, were all terribly and irredeemably racist. As truly “good” people, we had only two choices, to continue to believe the government, or to stand up for ourselves. Against them.

It’s easier to trust them, which is what most “good” people did, getting their tiny brains more stuck in that rabbit hole. For lack of imagination, misplaced trust and good intentions, they would begin insulting friends.

Who’s Playing Who?

In communist China, the burning of buildings would have been stopped on the first day. They don’t care so much about protests and individual citizens and their causes. In America, we would be told in a bold (or maybe just stupid) statement by CNN deadly arson plaguing the western US was “fiery but peaceful protests.”

We stood ground as good Americans, allowing free speech we may not have agreed with, in order to protect and exercise America’s unique rights. Buildings were destroyed in the name of letting thugs have their say.

You may have thought the fires were small, insignificant. You may have thought Obama wasn’t such a bad guy. Well, think again. Hillary Clinton lost a Presidential election and then refused to concede, then for the next four years she would criticize the person who defeated her, claiming fraud. At the time it’s likely, based on what we know now, the Democratic party was already cheating; they just didn’t cheat ENOUGH to get Hillary elected on the torn coattails of a man who hates America. And what’s Hillary’s take on all this? When Biden’s cheating squad ripped off enough American votes to get him sworn-in, Clinton defended the integrity of elections and criticized Trump for not conceding and for being a “womanizer,” all the while hoping no-one remembers Monica Lewinsky.

The hypocrisy and lies belong entirely to the left in this story.

Fires were significant and ongoing every night for months, while being downplayed in the media.

Obama, Clinton and Biden all promised to “unite” America, while their real plan was to divide it and turn it, finally, in a long-term plan, into something easier to manage. Then the politicians would truly be in charge, and listening to the trouble-filled public and its problems would be a thing of the past. Like in China, where the rules are made by a few and those who disagree disappear. Like Trump on Twitter and against-the-narrative facts about viruses on YouTube. Big corporations would comply on a promise to get bigger.

During his term, Obama set all of this up, installing Attorneys General and District Attorneys throughout the country, to do his bidding. In education, wheels were spinning on college campuses, where doing-good is a popular activity, and graduates who were fully indoctrinated would become teachers and administrators in local districts to further whatever messages the new American Communist Party desires.

It all started with Joe Biden’s lies. Obama picked Biden because they were looking for someone who lies easily. When Donald Trump won a Presidential election, all of this long-term planning was suddenly at huge risk.

The solution would be to take Trump down, using any means possible.

It’s Not Pretty, But it Makes Sense

You have been a witness to this. As an American, if you can find it in you to respect the most basic of American principles, I’ll remind you of one of the most important. In America, ANYONE can be a success. Now it’s been proven, why would any American fight this fact? If in fact Donald Trump got 80-million votes (which he did), there are a lot of Americans who think he’s qualified. If Democrats had a long-term plan that involved manipulating elections, which seems obvious, the real vote count was probably over 100-million for Trump and less then 70-million for Biden, maybe far less. It was a Trump landslide.

If the media hadn’t ganged up on Trump because they’re all sleeping deeply with government support; if things were “normal,” Americans would have never turned on their President. You have Joy Behar and Chris Cuomo, both of whom belong in jail in this reporter’s opinion, to thank for your misinformation.

If a farmer from Idaho with no political experience had beaten Hillary, would that be epic? In my book, it’d be much greater a celebration than for someone just based on skin color; it would be a victory for the people! Imagine, though, if that farmer immediately went to town publicly calling out fraud throughout government? Now it’s one against hundreds. That’s what happened. Trump was aware of how things worked, but was not indebted to politicians. He simply said he’d “drain the swamp.”

No-one denied there was a “swamp,” while no-one admitted they were part of it.

Donald Trump was a godsend. He didn’t create problems, he simply showed us how many there were. He pointed exactly and correctly to individuals, who didn’t want attention called to them. He called out Obama and Clinton, who no politician had the courage to challenge. He ruined the long-term plan. One man.

It’s easy to see!

They took him out!

There’s nothing more to it!

We Need a Farmer

Today, Joe Biden is in “office” so Obama can continue to call the shots, just like he was planning with Hillary. Many government employees have “come out” not only as sexual perversions but as anarchists and communists, as America seems to turn a blind eye. It will be casual overconfidence, again, that takes them down.

Make no mistake, citizens are not inactive in this matter because we are complacent or compliant; we are simply waiting for the voice of justice. Kyle Rittenhouse showed us we can still defend ourselves while we wait out the devil’s seemingly insatiable diet for spewing hate while infiltrating our personal lives and families.

We need a farmer, or a savvy businessman with lots of energy, to bring a bulldozer back to the swamp.

America can survive, but only when her citizens are united.

Don’t be so “good” you undermine your own purpose.


Mark Urso

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