In GA, Warnock Has Been Officially Waged!

President Trump Rally
Valdosta, GA, Dec. 5, 2020

President Trump continued his permanent assault on unfair treatment and un-American principles, and a prominent indie news network set new viewership records, as the President stumped for two Georgia GOP Senators at a rally tonight (Saturday) in Valdosta, Georgia.

Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) put Fox News to shame, gathering 275,000 simultaneous viewers at one point, compared to Fox with only 40,000, as viewers strongly preferred the grassroots energy and style of Right Side’s Liz Willis and Grace Saldana.

It was no surprise the event drew tens of thousands of attendees, intended as a “Victory Rally” for Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who face runoff elections January 5. The crowd was very involved, breaking into chants of “We love you!” and “USA” with tenacity and spirit that felt strong and unified. Americans having been served sparse doses of loyalty, love and unity, pushed by liberals to lock down constantly, it was beyond refreshing, an emotional experience, when Trump finished with a crescendo declaring “Make America Great Again!”

What happened? What’s at stake?
What’s the state of America?

Let’s talk about it! The entire event is presented in this video from RSBN, and my full report follows.

The Event

VALDOSTA, Georgia –  It’s hard to argue against the fact Donald Trump has a good-looking family! First Lady Melania Trump looked stunning in a simple red overcoat as she accompanied her husband onto the stage, after a typical ostentatious arrival aboard the most sophisticated passenger jet in the world, Air Force One. It was a somewhat mesmerizing start, with Melania appearing vastly graceful, but modest, too, as she introduced Donald. The Trumps landed at 7:02PM at Valdosta Regional Airport for yet another big political show.

As the President accompanied his wife off the stage and took the podium himself, in the background was a Georgian cry of “We love you!” chanted over and over again.

Trump spent only a few minutes mentioning COVID, pointing to a new vaccine, saying “Warmest best wishes to all suffering from COVID” adding that vaccinations will “begin soon,” and regarding the timeline of the vaccine “Some of the experts call it a medical miracle!”

The crowd heard from the two Georgia Senators, as well as Georgia Democratic State Representative Vernon Jones, who warmed the crowd up before Air Force One landed.

The Pre-Show:
Jones Can Swing Both Ways!

Jones is a self-described “conservative Democrat” who favors “tough immigration laws and fiscal responsibility” and is a “supporter of gun rights and a staunch environmental advocate.” Wikipedia says “In April 2020, Jones announced his endorsement of President Donald Trump for re-election, and spoke at the Republican National Convention on his behalf.”

Trump thanked Jones: “We love him, I’m trying to talk him into joining our party! What a great guy!” He told the crowd “We’re here tonight to ensure that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win!”

Trump Rally in Georgia, Saturday, December 5, 2020

But most of tonight’s rhetoric was devoted to election fraud cases being handled by Trump and  private legal interests. The President was firm on his stance, saying “I got more votes than any sitting president in history! We got 74 million plus and they’re trying to convince us that we lost! We didn’t lose!”

Trump noted “Biden got no coattails! in the down-ballot races,” and said “Republicans won all 27 toss up races in the House. We didn’t lose a seat in the House!” Today he wants to hold on to the Senate, he explained, and the two Georgia Senate races are critical.

In true rally spirit, the crowd started up, chanting “Stop the Steal!” Trump said “Your Governor could stop it very easily if he knew what the hell he was doing.”

“Hundreds of thousands of illegal votes were cast in each state, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania – in Pennsylvania they threw the poll watchers out, and they literally did it here (GA), by the way!”

He told the crowd to be prudent. “We have a big senatorial race going on in GA, and we’re watching Democrats very closely. They could cheat, and people aren’t really watching it like they could! … We know the Democrats are planning to cheat, and we can’t let them do it again. I don’t want these two to work like I did – I probably worked harder in the last three weeks than I’ve ever worked in my life, doing this.”

A Moment Of Silence For Fox News

At about 45-minutes in, America was riveted. Right Side Broadcasting Network beat its own record for streaming viewership, and left well-known beasts of journalism like Fox News in the dust, churning up 276,814 simultaneous viewers by this point. RSBN started streaming hours before Trump arrived, and gave complete coverage and commentary. Fox limped in with 40-thousand YouTube viewers at the same point in the event.

Approximately 7:45 PM:

Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube: 272,122
•Started streaming 4 hours ago

The Epoch Times on YouTube: 7,202
•Started streaming 3 hours ago

Fox News on YouTube: 39,105
•Started streaming 58 minutes ago

NTD on YouTube: 157,854
•Started streaming 3 hours ago

Donald J Trump on YouTube: 75,401
•Started streaming 29 minutes ago

Father Frank Pavone on YouTube: 10,624
•Started streaming 2 hours ago

NBC News on YouTube: 32,939
•Started streaming 30 minutes ago

Newsmax TV on YouTube: 24,430
•Started streaming on Jun 10, 2019
This was oddly titled: LIVE NOW: Presidential Election fallout and analysis on Newsmax TV (which seems like a mistake)

Golden State Times on YouTube: 9,994
•Started streaming 92 minutes ago

In A Nutshell – Viewership of Trump Event on YouTube today:

RSBN: 272,122
NTD:  157,854
Donald J Trump:  75,401
Fox News:  39,105
NBC News:  32,939
Newsmax TV: 24,430
Father Frank Pavone:  10,624
Golden State Times:  9,994
Epoch Times:  7,202

The numbers are a sign of big changes we should expect to see in how consumers get information. Something’s got to give, as the pushing and shoving has so far left a miserable legacy of shrapnel and injury, not only physically in the streets, but emotionally in our homes, and intellectually with our information.

I checked viewership during a portion of the event when the President was focused on election fraud. Trump continued “Let us have a signature verification! What’s wrong with that! … If the other side manages to steal both elections, we’ll have total one-party socialist control, and everything you care about will be gone. Your whole philosophy is going to be gone. Joe Biden, Kamala, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi … they want to take away your guns; I never got it! How can you win? No oil, no guns, no God!”

Screenshot of the crowd at today’s event.

“They want to take away your jobs, take away your borders, take away your freedom, take away your religion, and they even wanna take away your beautiful Christmas that we just got back!”

Trump referred to a particularly nasty recent article by CNN’s Maeve Reston, adding “I have to be very careful when I imitate that! You remember I was saying suburban women! I say suburban women love me! Please love me; I’ve been so good to you! I got rid of the worst regulation in the history of suburbia; I got rid of that regulation so now you can actually have a house without a building going up next to it that you’re not going to be happy about, without crime increasing by tenfold …” He went right at Reston, telling his supporters “These people are sick. So you have to be very careful when you’re sarcastic!”

This was not the nasty low, though, of the night.

We haven’t covered Warnock yet.

But to be fair, let’s sling a little nasty ourselves, inspired by Maeve’s professional, unbiased journalistic viewpoints. I think we’ve developed a taste for meanness done right, superior posturing with flair that can impress the most troubled and confused deplorable American who might stumble upon these gems. Maeve’s posture might be best-described as open-minded ignorance, though that might be too kind. The writer of this slop has a bone to pick with you and me, 70-million of us who struggle a little to appreciate her fairer than God knowingness.

But we try.

Nasty Article Tidbit To Follow …

Here’s a nasty outtake:

(CNN) If President Donald Trump loses his reelection bid in November, it will be in part because of his fundamental misunderstanding of the beliefs of “suburban women,” whom he has tried to win back with a series of bizarre and racist appeals that seem more targeted to a stereotype from the 1950s and 1960s than the American women who actually live in those areas today.
Many of the female voters who have abandoned Trump recoil from his divisive language and disapprove of both his handling of race relations and the pandemic. But he has tried to convince them to support him through a campaign of fear and xenophobia, with claims about the Democratic agenda that plunge deep into the realm of the ridiculous and would be believed only by the most naïve, low-information voters.

She harps on fear and xenophobia, as she clearly understands those concepts deeply. It would be fun to imagine her writing a fair-minded, but still appropriately bad-tasting, article about Bill Clinton. Remember him? There were a lot of low-information voters who thought he was so cute it was okay he banged chicks in the Oval Office. I’m not sure if that weighs in heavy with Maeve, who may herself be smitten with Clinton’s boyish charm.

But I digress. Maeve, we love you and your imperfect ability to balance reality. We will pray for you.

The Nasty is Just Beginning

President Trump is finishing a four-year stint where he was assaulted by nasty discoveries, nasty people, a nasty-looking outlook, and he’s, unfortunately, still in the middle of it. So is Georgia.

If you haven’t met Raphael Warnock, an outspoken Atlanta pastor, let me apologize in advance. I know you didn’t sign up for this. No American did. But if you have the guts, keep reading.

Warnock is as nasty as nasty gets; clad as a preacher he constantly proclaims like the devil.

Trump told the rally: “(Senator) Kelly’s opponent, Warnock, is a dangerous extremist, who is radically opposed to your values. He says he believes that – quote – nobody can serve God and the military – (the crowd boos) – Oh really? An appalling statement that dishonors the memory and generations of American heroes who fought for God and for our country. Raphael Warnock has openly declared his support for socialism, and he has even praised Marxists all over the world. He once hosted the barbaric communist dictator Fidel Castro. He likes Castro, thinks he was a good man. He falsely slandered patriotic Americans as racist, he called police officers gangsters thugs and bullies. He supports abolishing cash bail. Look at what happened to New York with their cash bail – no bail, don’t worry about it, you killed somebody, don’t worry about it, you’re on the honor code!”

“And he’s declared – quote – open up the jails! Free the violent criminals and prey on Georgia families, children! This is not for Georgia! Raphael has to move to another state, try it again. Warnock is strongly anti-Israel, and Warnock’s own writings make clear that he believes that America is a sinister nation that must be punished. Don’t just take my word for it.”

Trump then proceeded to show video featuring Elizabeth Warren talking about guns … a bunch of liberals saying “change is coming to America,” and the video says “That’s their goal – total radical control to bring horrific change to America! Only Georgians can stop them! Rapheal Warnock attacks our military, Warnock attacks our police – Raphael Warnock is dangerous!”

The piece is capped off with Bernie Sanders stating the Georgia runoffs will “make our life a lot easier,” and footage of Trump supporters being assaulted by BLM. The crowd (it happened many times) broke out in a cheer of support: “Fight For Trump!”

The President showed video of suspicious activity and whistleblower testimony, prompting boos and cheers from the crowd. Trump said they’ll find ten times more votes than he needs to win, and rattled off some unsettling numbers from activity in various states including Michigan and Pennsylvania. He seemed relaxed and confident, considering the circumstances, while addressing the crowd.

“We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of votes in each state!”

For over two hours, the President tirelessly communicated the state of the nation and election contests, highlighting what he called the “largest fraud in the history of our country,” saying Democrat officials in swing states “systematically weakened every measure to combat election fraud. They made sure there were no identity checks, no signature checks, no eligibility checks, no nothing.”

“Hopefully our legislatures and the United States Supreme Court will step forward and save our country! … Now is not the time to retreat! Now is the time to fight harder than ever before!”

Georgians, please vote for Loeffler and Perdue on January 5th.


Mark Urso

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