If You Find Me in a Shallow Grave, This is Probably Why

The following message was written for Twitter. It’s been a fun ride, filled with scary but colorful anti-American wokesters threatening Christians, even gunning them down in broad daylight. We got to talk about Rachel Levine as if we were free to criticize mentally ill people given government jobs purely for the pose value.

Everybody reads Twitter, and it has gotten better, but it can’t be a sandbox for me for much longer.  I’m currently suspended. I’ll be back on the blue bird in a few days.

This is what I’ll say (then I’ll say goodbye):

If you find me in a shallow grave, this is probably why.

A message to the three people who may see this:
Please feel free to share.
I wanted to say “Kamala Harris is a slut.”
I was suspended twice almost immediately.
So I thought I’d try burying it in text.

The truth, is Kamala Harris IS a slut.
But we’re not allowed to say it.
Those are the little blue bird’s rules.
I may not be here much longer.
I won’t be losing anything that helped anyone.
I have been hidden on this platform, until I said
“Kamala Harris is a SLUT.”
Then they suspended me for a week, twice.
Please visit my site, it will still exist.

Good luck fighting the bird, friends.
Let’s see how long this post stays up.
Don’t worry about me. I’m just gettin’ started.
Bye! Thanks for all the funny memes.

Kamala Harris is a slut.
The Dalai Lama is a pervert.
Dylan Mulvaney is mentally ill.
BLM are racist thieves.
Joe Biden is a child molester.
Kamala Harris is a slut.
Karine Jean-Pierre is a liar.
The DOJ is an enemy of the people.
Innocent people jailed 3 years, no trial.
Bill Barr is a worthless piece of shit.
Mike Pence is a traitor.
The so-called Pope is a monster.
Kamala Harris is a slut.
Bruce Springsteen wants you dead.
Pete Buttigieg should be in jail.
Hillary Clinton is a cunt.
Bill Clinton should be in jail.
The FBI is a tool of Satan.
Gavin Newsom is just an asshole.
Bill Gates is totally full of shit.
Kamala Harris is a slut.
Anthony Fauci is a mass murderer.
The White House hates Americans.
NYC and San Francisco smell like shit.
COVID was nothing but a lie.
Hunter Biden is stealing your money.
The “new” queen is just another slut.
Kathy Hochul is an incompetent plant.
Chicago is a permanent war zone.
Kamala Harris is a slut.
I would say it to her face in a second.
Jimmy Kimmel sold out.
SNL is painful.
Rachel Levine is mentally ill.
Katie Hobbs doesn’t even bother trying.
AOC is a certifiable cunt.
American citizens are spineless.
Don’t trust your doctor.
They will take your children.
Vaccines are patented bioweapons.
Abortion is being glamorized.
Elections will never be valid.
Lawbreakers and anarchists are praised.
Good Americans are muted and censored.
The government is helping China destroy us.
The US military is a bunch of woke cowards.
The news media serves anti-America.
We have nothing left. It’s done.
America is dead.
Now come get ME, pussies!

– – BANG! BANG! – –

Pee Wee Herman’s life was destroyed because he got caught masturbating. George Michael’s career ended abruptly because he solicited sex from another man in a park. That wasn’t very long ago.

Now it all seems like nothing. How have we gotten to the point where if we don’t defend queers, just for being queer, we’re the ones who get canceled? Perverts are hired in top federal government positions JUST BECAUSE they’re perverts. It’s gotten so bad, a group of cross dressers waves its collective arms to tell us it’s NOT THEM; they don’t approve of violent trans people threatening society.  Do you approve?

The Queen of Beers thinks we want it in our mouths.

They canceled a sweet old black woman because she adorned a bottle of pancake syrup.

And now Christians are being targeted by the FBI; churches infiltrated.

Elon Musk can’t fix this. Donald Trump can’t fix this. No one person can.

IT’S TIME for real Americans to stand up.

Those of us who are still alive.



Mark Urso

2 Replies to “If You Find Me in a Shallow Grave, This is Probably Why”

  1. A friend of mine who works at a Home Depot said to me.. ‘why are old white people so angry?!’

    My response is ‘Of course they’re/we’re angry! HAVE YOU NOTICED WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO REALITY?’ It is absolutely INSANE. And the people who are pissed off about it are more sane than those who are not.

    I study the cycles/turnings of this world through hidden history, the Bible, native stories, petrified remains of life from previous cycles, etc. Everything has a birth and a death. A beginning and ending. Terence McKenna (another matrix agent promoting a collective programming by speaking some truths among the lie) stated that as reality advances toward an event horizon there is an ever increasing volume of novelty. That is a viable surface way of viewing where we’re at.

    BUT that is not the only, nor the truest view of where we’re at. Where one world descends another rises… and you can’t operate a mac with a pc os. pc os – (piece of s…) fake fake fake pc os reality production is what I’m seeing. Here we are in a simulation, the frequency prison of a narrow dense antilife/parasitic bandwidth. We’ve always been here but until now Life was predominant and things were acceptable. The turning approaches (who knows what that will be all about this time, I don’t) and LIGHT/TRUTH is challenging, calling out, DARKNESS/DEATH and it is ON.

    I am one of those angry old people. I always did say (all my life) the matrix was shit and that if there was a way out of it – I would find it. So that’s been my mission. The leaving, from where I view, first is a matter of deprogramming from the lie to regain perceptual vision (have to be able to see a train to catch it) and in doing so, by frequency navigation, move out of its (the matrix’s) teeny tiny dense lie bandwidth.

    Everything is theory until it’s done.

    What you say is true. But you are far too kind to call kammykam and other nonhuman usurpers/parasites (it’s not the car, it’s the driver) simply sluts and cunts. That doesn’t begin to cover it.

    All the best to you in this journey. I’ll see you in the new paradigm, the other side (truly a 180 degree opposite reality that exists outside of plato’s cave — where the vastness of Creation waits).

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