I’d Write a Better Story, But I’m Still Eating

COVID, Masks and the Law

Today I’d like to take a moment to look at the law.

Sometimes it’s a great idea to follow the law, of course, but sometimes it’s a great idea to find what we call a loophole. The loophole is a classic method of sidestepping laws that seem unreasonable, or maybe shouldn’t apply to us. It’s a great way to think for yourself!

For example, if you’re driving 120 MPH and get pulled over, you’re caught. But if you’re flying at 500 MPH and you’re in the passenger seat, you can have an alcoholic beverage and let your imagination go wild. You can play on your phone, turn up the radio, even roast a lamb on a spit, Greek-style.

Somebody’s got to do it!

The gentleman in the video above has mastered the intricacies of the law! He’s able to have a nice meal while cooperating fully with the wishes of those charged with enforcement. Everybody wins!

Thanks to Tank Girl Tonto on Twitter for today’s lesson in law!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


Mark Urso

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