Ice Cream, Insanity and Disunity

The Sheer Disunity of Joe Biden

The (fake) President of the United States promised almost nothing when he emerged from a dark, dank basement once or twice to talk to puppets during his campaign last year. By the time he was installed, many citizens had lost faith in him, doubting he’d “end coronavirus,” and instill “unity” in America.

He apparently thought he could! But as it turns out, eight months-later, play toy GI Joe Biden has failed on many fronts, and we’re starting to see Democrats fall from loyalty. Whether Biden wanted to “pack” the Supreme Court will never be known, as he refused to answer the question during a debate, and then failed to get support from Congress for such a move. Ignoring questions was his mode of operation, so we don’t have much to work with to evaluate this poor excuse for a government employee. He seems out of place, failed and totally unaccountable.

But he did eat ice cream.

Oh, and he made one promise. He’d end coronavirus. But when installed as President he ate more ice cream and blamed the former President, instead of ending coronavirus. He had picked an unfulfillable promise. But he didn’t care! Because “unity” was the kingpin, and he was all over that.

Eight months in, now we can easily see Joe has failed on unity as well. In fact, he’s done nothing toward uniting the nation, while keeping the southern US border open to any terrorist who wishes to enter, and botching an Afghanistan pullout will bells, whistles and Apache helicopters; a real celebration!

Modern Impulsiveness

And I just got a strange insult on Twitter. This time it seemed to come from a conservative. Maybe she was at the end of her rope, randomly insulting me regarding a post about the weather. Maybe she just isn’t a very good person. I have been holding my breath, my temper and my patience, tiptoeing around the Internet, only to find, the “unity” is nowhere to be found, no-one who voted for Biden is trying to be nice, and no-one at all, at this point, seems to have much patience left. What Biden has done is create disunity.

Whether he just wants to bankrupt the country (as some would propose), is just stupid (as has been suggested by many), wants to do damage or wants to make America better, what Biden has done in reality is a sin. Sociologically, when we talk about “unity,” we’re talking about sanity. Citizenry infighting is the only thing that will take America to her knees in an unrecoverable way. Maybe an ice cream isn’t such a bad idea … with a good friend.

In my previous post, I discussed how humans feed off each other. We create realities based on what we learn in society, first from parents, then teachers, and from everyone we meet. But it’s important that we talk, or the process is corrupted. Whether the Biden administration feels anything at all about “unity,” the effect of masks, lockdowns, injustice (detention without trial), turning a blind eye to violence, implementing programs and initiatives American voters would NEVER approve of (without asking), intentionally manipulating the media, likely manipulating election results, allowing hate to be taught in public schools, ignoring that servicemen have died and citizens are left behind in Afghanistan, or constantly handling children inappropriately, the net result of Biden’s presence has been a tougher resistance from the stubborn (who have less to hold on to every minute), opposed by a stronger and larger mass of reasonable-thinking people.

Whether these reasonable-thinking people identify as conservatives is not important. There is no longer a partisan nor a moral division. The only way to describe the scenario is, some people have been lied to, seemingly willingly, and many, many others have increasingly become skeptics of the politics of the United States. The division is not between Democrats vs. Republicans, nor right- vs. left-wingers. Not gun-owners vs. tree huggers. Not patriots vs. indoctrinated college brats. The division is between people who think for themselves and people who do not.

The Unity of the United States

As a result, it’s become, sometimes, impossible to have a conversation, and for the first time in my life, I sometimes feel I don’t want to have one. As if the other person were just too far “out there,” and I’m tired of talking to a wall. As much as that paints me as arrogant; as my dad once told me, sometimes it’s “hard to be right.” These days, sometimes it’s hard to open your mouth at all; and it’s not going to be easier to make friends.

We can bankrupt the US. It’s becoming a tradition to ignore the debt. We can paint our faces and marry same sex, and really, who cares; that’s your business. We can oversee our children’s educations, drive less if fuel costs too much, and travel less if we’re afraid of international terrorism. Thanks, Joe Biden, for much of that, but none of it is threatening to kill America. The threat to America’s way of life is what Joe Biden has made a mockery of, and by doing so made fools of us all; there is nothing but a dwindling half-effort among Americans, with hurricanes to the left and insurrections to the right, to be united. We forgot how. And it’s inspired by a lack of leadership.

If America ultimately fails, it will be the fault of her citizens. There will be no Biden to blame and Biden wouldn’t accept it anyway, with his attitude of worthlessness and cowardice.

While that isn’t near happening, the wind smells foul with random insults. This is not how people should behave. The principles of the 1950s are all the country needs for its own salvation, when we taught our children to respect their elders, and there was no wiggle room on that. I’m a better person for it. We need to do what’s hard to do.

We need to talk, despite the kid with bad parents, bad hair, bad posture and no manners.

We need to do business, without chit chatting about politics, which we never did with our auto mechanic before!

We need to interfere, speak out and don’t let anyone take away what little power we have.

We need to breathe fresh air and eat sensibly. Never before a political issue.

What’s hard to do is timeless.

We need to be right.


Mark Urso

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