I Don’t Know What I’m Doing (or, Not The Best Apple Pie Recipe!)

I don’t really know what a blog is supposed to be about, except I did see the movie with the girl who blogged about Julia Childs, and enjoyed it. But, and I imagine I’m not alone, throughout the movie I never really “got” how the blogger chick was making the big bucks.

dragon flyingSo far for me, if my blog is making a lot of money, it’s keeping it to itself and not telling me. I’ll just keep doing what I think bloggers do! As a reader, you’re doing great!

This is NOT stream of thought. It’s painstakingly difficult to write blog stuff. Respect, man.

I bought some more apples. The others got eaten.

I was going to take a photo of the new bunch of apples (once again galas), because they’re really beautiful … but, frankly they look just like the first ones.

So much that, when I first set them into their apple bowl, I thought they might be cousins, from the same tree even maybe. At least they probably spent a lot of time together on trucks, almost like family. They were like apple kin. Delicious, too!

So that’s my entry for today!

Here’s the old apples (historic photograph):

As I read that over … it doesn’t seem very valuable, and I feel like I’m not giving you enough. Hmmmph. I’ll put some more words in!


I’d be lying if I told you how to make a pie, and it might be a bad pie if you tried, even with good apples. I could call it a POTUS pie and explain how apple pie is really American, but I’m not comfortable getting politics involved unnecessarily.

So pie is out.

Although Donald Trump LOVES apple pie! That’s what they say.

If I apply modern journalism rules, I might say Donald Trump and the Russians and women named Hilary are among many who enjoy apples! I could elucidate on the universality of apples, and say even crazy North Korean dictators, even if they were threatening to blow up the entire world, even they probably like apples.

If I apply the television academy endorsed “Blogger’s Code,” Rule 1a under “Baking, Breads and Basics,” it just says (as all the pros know) “WWJD,” or “What Would Julie Do?” Still not helpful.

By the way, if you were searching for “How to get rich just thinking up words,” you are NOT in the right place; this is a blog! We’re pros and know what we’re doing. Respect, man!

This is an important topic, apples. They keep doctors away, you can name a big company after them, and they’re so beautiful the devil used them to tempt Adam and Eve. That’s pretty powerful.

So far, this article is going great; I’ve got some high quality words in here … Maybe I should just add a little music and call it a day!

Elton John once wrote a song, on another note, that, and he did not know this when he wrote it, would later be covered by me! And it came out pretty good, and goes really well with apples.

Here! Until next time ~ and … I bet you can’t wait!

“High Flying Bird” (John/Taupin) from “Share The Moon


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