How would you handle a mouse infestation if you were a vegan? Would your only option to be to get a cat? (Quora stuff)

This is a great question!

Get a cat!

I’m not following how being a vegan, which dictates which foods you choose to eat, relates to your approval or disapproval of the natural events that animals are using, right now, to survive, including hunting and killing for meat.

There are live critters on your kitchen counters, leaving disgusting poops in the hardest to reach places. It’s mixed with mouse pee, which gets all over, too, and when it gets warm, that stuff all cooks into whatever surface it’s on.

How is preventing that from happening relate to being a vegan? It’s gross, no matter what kind of foods you eat. I’m sure, being a vegan, that doesn’t include pretending that (other) animals don’t kill each other all the time.

You have to trade one gross for another, I guess. But we all do, regardless of our chosen diets. There is no way to politic-away the fact that cats instinctively chase and eradicate mice better than any traps. I know this from experience!

In fact, there may be less to worry about than you think. The mouse eradication does not have to include … providing meals for your cat.

I adopted a stray from a shelter. It cost about $100, all said and done. At the time, I had finally given up on traps; in an older house, especially, the mice will just keep on comin’, as if endless. EXCEPT when you have a cat.

In fact, not only did Penelope immediately get to work, with no training necessary, all night long while I slept, she would usually conference with me whenever she caught a mouse … it’s just the two of us, and I’d hear some commotion, come out and find her with a mouse, as if it were cornered, in the middle of the room. She herded it, and the mouse was still alive and well, it just couldn’t find a way to escape. BAM – I would put a Tupperware down on top of the little fella, bring him outside, far away, over the fence, and PLOP, gone.

It’s fun!

Get a vegan cat!

Original question: How would you handle a mouse infestation if you were a vegan? Would your only option to be to get a cat?

Penelope is famous for not eating everything she finds! Watch!

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