Hot Tuna, “Double Dose,” #4

Any time during the 1980s or 90s, on a nice sunny pleasant day, if you took a walk through posh Watch Hill, RI, you probably could hear Hot Tuna’s “Double Dose” playing from Tim Wood’s massive speakers. I was probably in the room, just a few feet from that wall of sound, enjoying every moment!

This is a record for guitar lovers. The intricacy, attack, literal violence that came through had to be very loud. Your parents had to be very cool.

The music on this record is beautiful, historic, well written and just plain lovely. But if you know the record you know we don’t care about any of that. You can listen to your Guns N Roses and your Slayers all day long, but if you want to relieve that inner anger, if you want to feel the energy of guitar god-dom take your breath away, no one can do it better than Jorma and Jack.

Personally, in the this can’t go loud enough category there is only one runner-up in my mind: Lou Reed’s 1974 masterpiece “Rock and Roll Animal.”

I burned through three Double Doses; three copies just worn plain out. Go get yours!

Actually, I’ve got four; you can have one of mine!


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