Hey Up There! – Mark Urso – Egnater Tweaker 112 1X12 Combo Amp

This is an original!

Reaper with Addictive Drums 2 plugin
Hagstrom HL550 Jazz Guitar with DR Pure Blues 10’s
Peterson “Sweetened” tuning
Egnater Tweaker 112 Guitar Amp

Modern – Brit – Clean – Normal – Tight
Tone controls all about 2:00 – on this amp that’s how to really dial in some mojo, by messing with the three tone controls. I had bass at about 2:00 and mid and treble about 1:00.
This is an amazingly good-sounding amplifier!

Canon XA-30 video camcorder
Rode Videomic X
DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal camera

Vocal mic: Shure Beta 87A
Cabinet mic: Shure SM58

Blue plaid shirt courtesy of my sister Linda.

This is a two-chord song!

Hey Up There!

Hey up there! — it’s just me!
There’s lots of us, down here wonderin’ how to be!
C’mon and join our little party
Meet my friend! His name’s Ziggy

He makes funny noises just out of the blue
‘Tslike I’m livin’ my life in an animal zoo!
I sometimes I . . . don’t know what to do!
So please please! Tell me the Truth!

Ziggy says he’s tired of always layin’ around!
And somebody should take him to the beach for a round
Me I’m wonderin’, ‘bout the words to a song
Hopin’ it’ll help me get a little better along

The sun’s out shinin’, and the moon’s gonna glow
Feels like I’m feelin’ your feelin’ you know!
Hey up there! – R -, SVP would ya please!
Gimme the low down! I’m down on my knees!

Hey up there – Lemme, tell – ya what I found!
It’s a miracle every day I keep hangin’ around!
Ziggy’s here still too, he’s safe and sound!
And this big ol’ world, she just keeps spinnin’ around!

Hey up there it’s me now I gotta sign out
It’s Spring time down here and I’m gonna sprout
I wanna know … but I don’t wanna find out
Touch the stove (oh yeah) and make me shout!

#sharethemoon #markursomusic

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