Guitar Lessons

Any guitar players out there, anywhere in the world, need a boost, I’m for hire!


That’s right! And it’s not going to cost you too much. What I’ve been doing, is having students come in for three or four lessons, and then letting them go.

My goal, as a music teacher, is not to subscribe you to my lesson plan, but just to give you a lesson.

It turns out, I show students so many amazing things that open their minds to experimentation, I want to let them practice those things for as long as they need to.

I remember when I used to take guitar lessons, and I never practiced enough week-to-week, rendering lessons kind of useless, because I wasn’t ready to move on yet. I’m pretty loosey-goosey about how many times you come in, because what you end up accomplishing is really going to be up to you, and your motivation.

I’ll do lessons via Skype or in my studio, and I can also teach you how to perform. I can show you how to disassemble songs, and all the basics on the neck of the guitar, so you can make sense of it.

It’s really not that complicated, and you’ll start to find exactly what you want very quickly while playing. Surprise yourself. Sit with me for some guitar lessons, and you’ll be amazed at how much farther you can go with focus and technique.

Please feel free to scroll through my videos on! My styles are soft rock, country and a little bluegrass.


I will teach you how to play any song!

I want you to be free to do what you need to do, and come back if you need a refresher.



If you need a music video, I have studio lighting, cameras, microphones, and so it’s just bring yourself, your instrument and your art. I can also go out in the field to take B-roll for your video, and the high quality audio track underneath will give you both video and an MP3. I’ll go in the field for almost any event, negotiable.

And if any of you are a singer, but you’re not out getting paid for it right now, I can get you some exposure and we could practice a little together. That’s one of the things that would take me, personally, to my next level. A little vocal support.

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