Governor McKee Can Still Suck My D!ck

It appears I’m permanently suspended from Twitter.

Just in time for mainstream media to blitz American voters with lies and disinformation about pornography, voting and ethics. Just in time for them to drag President Trump, who’s loved by hundreds of millions of Americans, through deeper and deeper mud. Just in time for them to use the Trump nonsense to overshadow the reality, which is that Joe Biden has been definitively proven to be a traitor to the United States.

Your children are free to find books in their school libraries that show distinct pictures of oral sex, complete with all the body parts, and instructions on how to suck cock, how to defy your parents and how to hate white people just because they’re white. There’s plenty of vetting. The good teachers don’t care. The bad teachers are bratty bully bitches who tried to hide the pictures from the book, enlarged on a poster, during a Westerly, RI School Committee meeting. Most recently, the Westerly Town Council voted to “reject book banning,” a media spin that embraces widespread gaslighting.

It’s a lie, the phrase “banning books.” It’s pornography and it’s illegal, and the Governor of Rhode Island doesn’t care.

Brigitte Hopkins, the executive director of Westerly Library and Wilcox Park testified “We guarantee that there are zero obscene books on the shelves of any library in Rhode Island, and this bill implies that we do, which I find offensive.“ This is untrue. She has not looked at every book on every shelf of every library, has she? But how virtuous it all sounds!

The reality is so difficult to believe, the fact there ARE pornographic books in school libraries, that she gets away with making all this up, as if she knows (which she doesn’t), and she even looks good doing it. No-one seems to “get” that the reality may be hard to believe, but it’s still reality. These people are all irresponsible posers who’ve made no effort to know what’s going on (or worse), including the Governor.

So, I’m suspended for the third time from Twitter.

They say it’s because I told someone I hope they get nuked. I did say that. I don’t remember the details, and Twitter has locked me out so I can’t find them. Apparently you can’t say that, and I learned the hard way. On the other hand, it could have been because I told Governor McKee of Rhode Island to “suck my dick,” followed by asking him if he thought that phrase was inappropriate.

Of course it’s inappropriate! I was trying to get his attention.

The book with the porn got the attention of many parents, but you can’t tell the ignorant R.I. Governor to suck your dick to get his attention about the book, and meanwhile the book and its dick illustrations is still easily found in libraries. That includes the Westerly High School library, says concerned parent Bob Chiaradio, during a refreshingly candid talk with Stu Bryer today on WICH.

Don’t expect that to change. No-one in government cares what you think. I tried to draw attention not only to what’s wrong, but to how angry parents are about it. But no-one cares. They will deny, lie and defend before they even bother to listen to the voters. So even a forum like Twitter, where a cowboy is allowed to lasso a bad guy every now and then, is essentially worthless, because they don’t specify rules, and enforce them randomly.

I’m the bad guy.

While I’ve been gone, over the past few days …

Garth Brooks called all his fans a$$holes.

Barack Obama wished his daughter, Sasha, a happy birthday, resulting in a tirade of criticism on Twitter with no support anywhere in sight, and prompting comments like “Anyone can hold a child, doesn’t mean its yours.”

Feels like people are waking up, and at the same time Twitter is allowing them to speak. Some of them, anyway!

The US Government published a photo of a bunch of boxes in someone’s bathroom.

Eric Swalwell won’t shut up about other people allegedly committing espionage.

Joe Biden lied every day. He wants people to wear masks again. He should be in prison.

The DOJ is treating legitimate claims of treason against Biden slower than molasses so they can arrest Trump, who did nothing wrong, and make it a headline for months.

The whole situation will probably be good for me. There are lots of places to read and write, and I’ll spend the summer entertaining my dog instead of reading Twitter and getting endlessly pissed off.

What I Learned

Conclusion: Death is certain, but we should not live in fear of it. When faced with blatant bold faced corruption, lies and destruction, our role should be to survive. We’re faced with losing everything our forefounders proudly created, stifled from coming up with new ideas, and scolded for speaking at all; while being forced to watch history destroyed for no reason, a trend today called “progress.” If this is all true, what’s stopping us from speaking out, relentlessly and purposefully, in the right, despite Twitter’s algorithmic mothering and right up until we get permanently banned? Who cares? The Twitter forum either works or it doesn’t. If certain phrases and words are prohibited, tell us in a clear, easy-to-understand way and we’ll probably comply. Who’d really care if I could speak freely but not use crude swear words? In reality, crude swear words on Twitter can be directed freely and generously at anyone, anytime, and sometimes, possibly for some reason buried in boilerplate somewhere, you might get a warning or time-out. Sometimes not. You’ll never know how to avoid it. If no-one knows the rules, Twitter is a no-rules universe, until it decides to put you on hiatus for seven days without explanation.

I wouldn’t mind knowing, but I need to remind myself reality is much bigger than this insignificant twitterverse, and my time is better spent avoiding battling one of the few entities that claims to allow free speech, about free speech, when they play by no rules. It’s a flaw in the way Twitter is built that it’s permeated with ambiguity regarding the rules. If you want people to really speak freely, Elon Musk, Twitter should never suspend anyone unless they violated a rule, and it should be clear what that rule is. This would be refreshingly and satisfyingly easy to incorporate, I think. Slim things down.

Your robots are defeating you.


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