Going To Portland, A Chapter From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

If you were going on a trip to, say, Portland, to see the world and learn about it, and some friends told you not to go there, because it’s unfit for human existence, they constantly have fiery hailstorms, and sometimes tidal waves and winds over a thousand miles-an-hour, and, you’d likely evaporate in the toxic atmosphere miles outside the city, well before you even arrived … would you still go? Of course not!

You considered your personal situation; your budget, the amount of time you have to travel, and the things you most want to learn about, but maybe you didn’t account for whether you’d never return, perishing if you visited certain places, not to mention the cost to get you to such a dangerous place safely!

But, then, imagine the trip is important to others, who also want to learn about Portland, so much so, they’re willing to pay for everything!

Still a really easy decision?

This trip is so important it may save Portland from possible destruction and give us insight that makes the rest of the world a better place. War could be averted, and new species’ and cures for diseases discovered. The trip is underscored by importance that can’t help but be emotional; it’s a life or death pitch!

All of the nations in the world support you, and are anxious to see how your trip goes. It’s as if you’re fighting a mythical dragon attacking the city! The general interest level is broad and unified, but … maybe that’s a problem! You’re already a hero before you even left town! It’s kind of like being a rock star; every nation looks around and sees every other nation supporting you, and the effort is suddenly global, unique, daring and very glamorous!
You almost forgot where you were going!

(… above is from the forthcoming book “Nothing,” by Mark Urso)

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