From Twitter to Sinister, a Destiny of Death

Is it time to “cancel” Twitter?
Is it making your life better in any way?
Who’s in charge here?

Are you sick of rich people using YOU to create their wealth?
Youtube did it; they didn’t need to upload a single video.
Google Earth was drawn entirely by users.
And Twitter won’t survive without us.

We may not own Twitter, but we ARE Twitter.

Musk gives bigoted control to CEO Yaccarino.
Who’s she? She has control over what YOU say and think.
She thinks she can reinvent freedom, to suit herself.
Musk won’t stop her. He doesn’t care.

Elon Musk has no intention of improving Twitter for users.
He changed the name to “X,” and now he’s playing with blocking.
He’s an irresponsible 12 year-old with a new toy.

Are you ready to accept your fate?
Do you want to live in a world created by Linda Yaccarino?
That’s what’s happening. We have no communications stronghold.

Have you noticed what’s happened with news stories?
They’re nothing more than a collection of tweets.
Like it or not, Twitter is the only source of the truth.

Yaccarino and Musk are playing with you.
They won’t protect you.
They don’t care what you think.

It’s the last vestige for truth to rear her ugly head.
Elon Musk won your heart talking like he loves freedom.
But that was just for the thrill of being able to control you.

He doesn’t care about truth or freedom.
He cares only about money and the power that comes with it.
When he bought Twitter, he bought you.

Now he’s going to tell you how it goes.
You’ll wish you were shadow banned.
Your voice will no longer exist.

He’s about to let all the criminals out of jail.
Musk is keeping his plans to nix blocking secret.
A remarkably bad idea; the beginning of the end.

Let Elon Musk hear your voice through his fat purse.
Every advertisement you see, click “Not Interested.”
Even better, block the advertiser.

Support some Twitter elements if you like.
But downvote and block the ads.
Let him know we care, even if he doesn’t.

Yesterday, the Gateway Pundit site was down for 25-minutes.
Today, corrupt Joe Biden is arresting his opponent.
Elon will cave; it will all be gone; it’s just a matter of time.

The world is sitting on a precipice.
Our ability to communicate is in balance.

These are odd times!
As odd as it might sound …
We need both Twitter and Trump.

Is Elon Musk up to the job?
The singularity that comes with it?
Will he stand up and fight for you?

It doesn’t seem likely.
Some won’t notice or care. Just another day.
Others will be left helpless as if blinded.

Musk demonstrates wishy-washiness, not integrity.
He should not be expected to be consistent.
He will steer Twitter to its destiny of death.


Mark Urso

One Reply to “From Twitter to Sinister, a Destiny of Death”

  1. if you know their name, they’re in the game. the con is that everything is for our betterment, benefit, when actually ‘it’ is to milk all LIFE to its death – incrementally so the program/con is not noticed for what ‘it’ is. the con continues as long as it has the confidence of the target. theoretically, when people are told/see the truth of ‘it’ confidence, in great number, will be lost. then the con becomes the nothing it really is.
    however, via generational genetic manipulation/trauma programming, the mind control, the mental, emotional and visual impairment, is deep and thick.
    and too, the operating system of this reality/world is as it is, as operating systems are. to change this world reality from the anti-life mode of operation, to a FOR LIFE operation/system would be akin to expecting a pc to run a mac os. an antilife os to run a FOR LIFE os.
    however and also, this reality is confined to a dense and narrow frequency bandwidth/spectrum. ‘it’ is a frequency prison. breaking free is incumbent on the individual changing their frequency (by embracing Truth in relationship with the Creator) thereby changing their channel – right on up and out of the roof of plato’s cave – into unlimited dimensionality and potentiality.
    no con (everyone given visibility within the reality is a con), will save anyone. those that are not (consciously) cons but believe in the value of this reality and fight against the trap from within the trap, are/will be, in the long run, ineffectual (the chinese finger trap).
    to see through ‘it’, is to loose confidence in the entirety of the game/the reality/all the bs story traps/plato’s cave – is key.

    ~ all the best to all of LIFE

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