Free Beer!

janet jackson
I love the Internet.

“Don’t hold back just have a good time!”
“Let’s save our troubles for another day!”
– Janet Jackson, “Escapade”

I wanted to give you free beer, but I don’t have any. So then I wanted to give you some free music recorded by Janet Jackson, but I was afraid she might get mad at me. So, I do have free stuff, but it’s not beer.

Sort of a technicality.

Free music, though. Do NOT tell anyone.

Stop by sometime; I’m saving you a piece of pizza!

Here’s your song:

Friends, by Mark Urso and Brandon Raimondo, from “Share The Moon”:

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If you say supportive things, I’ll invite you to my party next week with FREE FOOD. There will also be lots of FREE MUSIC there!

Don’t mention it. It’s nothing!

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