Forgiveness Pass (A Poem)

Forgiveness Pass

Christianity tells me what I should do
If my bitterness needs to be tended to
They say you can’t hurt me unless I let you
I was hurting myself as my feelings grew

No matter how disloyal you were to me
Trying to make me react
They say if I forgive you then I can be free
But I’m just getting started with my counter attack

The forgiver is broken, that’s what you’ve done
So if you were waiting for the setting sun
You’ll be dead, in the meantime you can just run
It can’t be undone so I hope you had fun

The Son of God tells me I should forgive you
But I’ll take my chances this time
It’s written in stone now; that bird has flew
I won’t take the blame but I will make it rhyme

You’ve been in this same place a few times my dear
I’ve heard all the same lies before
You left me to sort out my anger and fear
But as far as forgiveness, you’ve locked the door!

So I’ll just live waiting for my destiny
In Hell as a forgive-less soul
But maybe Saint Peter will remember me
How I ran out of hope without playing a role

All the things taken from me
At first I thought I’d rebuild
But the deeper I look the more damage I see
You can fix what you broke, but not what you killed

So let me make one thing perfectly clear
If you want to get better and start playing fair
There’ll be no restitution in church or AA
Because you’re the one who threw it away!

Christianity, please show me the truth!
All of my blessings, take me to school!
But please put me into that special class
Where I get my one forgiveness pass!

Just one favor, God, when she knocks on the gate
When the one who offended me asks for her fate
Looking for sympathy ‘cause she wants to come in
Tell her she used all her passes and now it’s too late

The end of the story can no longer be fine
A battle with you and a bottle of wine
Deserve it or not, now what I’ve got to do
Is forgive myself for never forgiving you

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