Foreword to Nowhere, Derived From “Nothing” by Mark Urso

This is, from this point forward, all assuming you have read and agreed to the Writ of Compliance. If not, please stop reading now.

Boo Boo says “Shhh!”

In my quest, friends, a thing I know we all have deep down inside (quest, that is), to know everything about everything, I have finally completed this work on my findings, entitled in a way, as I am sure you have caught on to by now, to throw people off our trail. While I had thought I would, upon finally distilling “Everything,” want to share the information, that has not turned out to be the case.

The Universe is very big.

There are things I found out that no-one should ever know. They are contained within. (ad goes here)

Please also enjoy the accompanying music CD (coming soon), which is called “Globe of Time” and aims to tease, mesmerize and tantalize you in a whole ‘nother way.
But for now, I’m afraid you’re already in too deep to back out.


You’re coming.

Shall we start the adventure … in Portland?

(… above is from the forthcoming book “Nothing,” by Mark Urso)

Proceed to nowhere …

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