Fetterman Speaks

Pennsylvania, please know you did have another candidate on the ballot, a man many voted for, named Mehmet Oz. And yeah, compared to the man who apparently won the seat in the US Senate, one of the most powerful positions in the world, Oz was a total, wicked wizard!

It will now become normal for politicians in the highest offices to wear whatever rags and dirty sweats they happen to have on when appearing with, for example, the (apparent) President of the United States. Normal for those stricken with serious mental illnesses and dementia (see “Feinstein” and “Biden“) to be carefully hand-selected, then led like little babies when they walk (if they are capable of walking) to their seats, where they will be coddled and told what to say.

It’s a trend.

Here’s two of them, in the video below. This is your United States Senator, Pennsylvania. His name is John Fetterman. His wife dresses him, quite poorly, and no-one really knows why.

He has had a stroke. He is unfit to serve.

He was already like this when he was running. It was no secret.

Of course we don’t really know if your vote was counted! The election was a big mess, again, with laws illegally changed and other laws broken as part of a blatant power grab Democrats have been setting up for years.

• ᗰISᑕᕼIᗴᖴ ™ • (@4Mischief):
Let this sink in, then pray for the United States of America🇺🇸

For your convenience, I have transcribed these important words:

“I’m standing next to the President, again, next to a collapsed bridge here. And he is here to commit to work with the Governor and … the delegedation … to make sure that we get this fixed quick. Fast, as well too. This is a president who’s committed to infruckshure … yea, and then on top of that … the jewel, uh, wa, akinda uh uh a law. Of the infresh infruck infreshen uh bill that is gonna make sure that there’s gonna be bridges all across like this all across America getting rebuilt.”

That’s really what he said, word for word.

At this point I’m officially changing my position on the bright future this country has. It’s gone. This is what we will get. Nothing will get done. Those complaining will be blamed, or worse, arrested.

Come and get me now.


Mark Urso


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