Feel it Still (Song Workout Studio/Drums)

You’re a fly on the wall! The “Pimples and All” Sessions continue!

Feel it Still (Song Workout Session in Studio with Drums)

The instruments enter one at a time … which makes it easy to follow along and “see” who’s playing … what each guitar sounds like … then it takes Brandon about one minute to figure the song out – he’ll start ripping on that Danelectro guitar at about four minutes in. Enjoy!


Watch how quick Brandon and Eli pick up this song. There’s more parts, I made up half the words just for filler and we need a bass player, but this was the first time I showed these guys this, and it has some great moments.

One of the songs I’m working on for a band. Tell me what you think! I’m the only one over 26 here. Feelin’ lucky to find people I can coattail off of with great skills!

We’ll probably ask George Markham to work on this one, and if we can keep him around, I like Eli on drums! Sal Fontana might also hear about how much fun we’re having and come by for scones and coffee.

Brandon gets to show off a little on this – which is worth the price of admission, and then some!

Super fun!


Feel it Still
Portugal – The Man


Mark Urso, guitar, vocal
Brandon Raimondo, guitar
Eli Ingendahl, drums


We’ve been testing a Canon XA-30-mounted Rode stereo Videomic X, which is in use here. This is an excellent example of what the mic sounds like with the “AUTO” volume control NOT in use. The auto tends at these volumes to squish the drums, but as you can hear here, with no AUTO, the drums are crystal clear throughout the recording. I was very pleased with the camera’s NON-AUTO (the switch is on the camera audio handle) performance. According to the manual, the camera still incorporates AGC (automatic gain control) when AUTO is “off,” but you still have to throttle down the inputs a lot. You will be happy with a setup like this. The mic is pretty flawless.

Recorded off a 2-QSC-10.2 PA system in a medium-sized room. Singer’s mic is a Shure Beta 87A. Very mild reverb on vocal. Guitars are through a Fender Superchamp and VOX 1X12.

This is straight out of the camera, with no compression.




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