Fat Fish (A Poem)

Once there was a fat fish
Swimming along
Swam right into
A cayman’s jaws!
He didn’t see it coming
He was having a great day
It happened very fast and he
Couldn’t get away!
Once there was a butterfly
Sittin’ on a leaf
An invisible chameleon
Thought it was a treat
It was a well-adapted lizard
Even fatter than the fish
It’s tongue was like a missile
Very fast and couldn’t miss!
There was a little kitty
Named Penelope
She was itchin’ for some Friskies or some
Chicken of the Sea!
Oh she had no natural predators
‘Cause she never went outside
But she needed a can opener
In order to survive!
The chameleon has some eggs
But a fat snake eats them up
Your life is just a matter of
Exactly what’s for lunch!
Once a water buffalo
With a dragon in pursuit
Was lazing by the river side
It didn’t give a hoot
But the buffalo it fell
It took about a week
The dragon having time to spare
Enjoyed a gradual feast
If you’re wondering, right about now
When it’s time to eat
You’ll get the most out of your meal
With nobody nibbling at your feet!
Exactly where and when
All alone or in a bunch
The details can be critical
When you find out what’s for lunch!
Once in the magical kingdom
All walked into a bar
Cat, cayman and chameleon
To try the salmon du juor
Despite their obvious differences
At a table the three sat
Discussing their ideals
A meal and then a nap!
Everyone was safe for now
From the north to south
The chameleon kept his tongue
Rolled up in his mouth!
And deep in the ocean
Said the talking cat
The universe is all good
When the fish are fat!


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