Everywhere! (A Poem)

I’ve got an idea I’d like to
Whisper in your ear!

Maybe we could sit and share a sandwich
In the square

I could tell you all about
How I love your hair

I might forget everything and …

When i’m with you where we are
I don’t really care

Anywhere on Earth I’d be
Proud of you my dear

Around the Universe … places
Simple to the rare

Even in my dreams, I see you …

But sometimes I’m a little
Lonely here and there

So I imagine you and me
On a trip somewhere

Kiss me quick and I bet we might
Have some time to spare!

Together through eternity … and

Want to go to Paris or
To a country fair?

I’m sure you’ll become aware of
My admiring stare

Maybe we could kiss in French with
Tonic in the air

Or Italy or Barcelona or how ‘bout …

I’ll tell you the truth, I’m
Not above a dare

Fly me to the moon
Sit me in a chair

In the middle of the desert
Among the prickly pear

I want to kiss you just a little …

Mark Urso

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