Electric Iguana (Mark Urso)

Thanks everyone for watching my videos! I have some cool stuff from some local bands coming up, but first give this a listen. This is one I wrote, called “Electric Iguana.” First time ever playing this for anyone. I’ll put the lyrics below, so you can follow along. This is my dancer – I do have a beat for it, and hope to put it together with a band. Please feel free to tap your feet, and, as always, comments are appreciated!

Peace Iguana Friends!

Electric Iguana

Only if you wanna …
Still in my pajamas …

Electric iguana
(Wanna fly, fly, fly away!)
You got a better place to be!
(Oh! It’s better by the sea!)

I wanna be a dragon
(Do it, baby, yea!)
Do anything I wanna
(Then I could fly away!)

Changin’ all my colors
(So I can just be me!)
Down by the sea
(Electric tangerine!)

Electric iguana
(So ya wanna? Say you do!)
Jump up in the air!
(Your girlfriend’s gonna be there!)

Snakes alive, you got moves!
(This is how we do it!)
And you can’t resist a dare!
(Hey! Do it again!)

My little friend, come on! (Say cheese!)
Let me show you where it’s at! (Stat!)

Those pants are fine just bust a move
(Do it baby, yea! wanna see what you got there!)
The world’s in need of somethin’ cool
(Fire in the cage but it ain’t no fight!)

– You can try and knock me out
(You know, weebles wobble but they don’t fall down)
But that’ll just make me scream and shout!
(Makin’ my iguana sounds!)

– Change up fast, ’cause
We’re gonna have a blast
What we’ll do (I promise you)
Will never be surpassed

Breath more fire!
(My electric iguana!)
Gonna wake some people up!
(All around the world!)

Do anything we wanna
(Do it dance hall style!)
Just fake it if ya gotta
(You’ll see what I mean!)

You’re an electric iguana
(Fly, fly away!)
With a better place to be!
(Will you come with me?)

So you wanna be a dragon!
(I can’t wait to see!)
Change your colors and be free!
(Red, blue! Maybe green!)

Electric iguana
(Fly, fly, fly away!)
You got a better place to be!
(Oh! It’s better by the sea!)

You’re an electric iguana
(Magic carpet style!)
And you can carry me!
(We’ll go for a ride!)

– Still in my pajamas but
We can do it if ya wanna
Light the place on fire
(Do some) dancin’ by the water!

Electric iguana
(Time to fly away!)
We got a better place to be!
(Way down by the sea)

Electric iguana
(Fake it ’till you make it!)
You can carry me!
(With your electricity!)

(With your electricity!)


Mark Urso

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