Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Nothing

A little YouTube love – from  1988!

This was not meant to be ironic. The title of the website, and the  song, is “Nothing.” So I wanted to share the song, on the website.

It was only when I went to view it myself on this site that I discovered …

Nothing happens.

You’ll see!

YouTube is showing its cards now, regarding music videos, and pushing folks toward paying up via “YouTube Music,” the oddly-named new service they created to handle the masses of young people who care nothing about services like Spotify, because YouTube’s music collection is better … and for many years was free, based on visual ads. Hello to the future.

Since I am not “YouTube Music compatible, and YouTube must either charge or get you to view their videos, with the visual ads, I suspect music videos that have no worthwhile video content will be the first that YouTube admits no-one has been actually watching, and therefore no-one has been viewing the visual  ads. Because it’s not really video … it’s just a great song.

Hola Edie. Hope you’re gettin’ paid! I’m going to leave this up here. For now, if you try to play it, you get “Nothing!”



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