Dynamic Science and the Truth of Fauci

Finally, after years of speculation, we know the truth about COVID. Finally, waiting so many months hearing wildly varied, often-unscientific, undoctorly and sometimes utterly irresponsible claims about vaccines and COVID, I can publish this article, to put the myths to rest once and for all.

The ultimate expert, the foremost expert in the world, the highest-paid and best-known expert, a man widely-respected for every word he utters during these times of crisis, has decreed a clear message.

This guy doesn’t just randomly change his mind, like the FDA last year with its Emergency Use Authorization for HCQ to treat COVID.

Dr Anthony Fauci has declared once-and-for-all, the truth, and it’s indisputable. Keep in mind, you’ll probably hear conflicting reports around this, but this information is in Fauci’s own words, on video.

Watch as the great purveyor of truth unravels the mystery, telling us it’s nonsense to wear a mask to avoid contracting COVID, and what you really need is sunshine, fresh air, a sensible diet and exercise.

Who would have thought?

This is from 60-Minutes in March, 2020:

That’s right. Masks are not effective. He was on this bandwagon for a good year. This is Fauci on the David Rubenstein Show in May of 2019:

Keep in mind, this is a man who values his credibility. He studies issues hard before coming to conclusions, after weighing all the available information. His diligence embarrasses most health professionals, even the top dogs at the FDA, where scientists, even though they spent years studying COVID, made a 180-degree mistake (or at least they changed their minds 180-degrees) regarding safe and effective cures, like HCQ, probably resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Fauci’s not like that.

If you hear ANY information to the contrary, please don’t listen, it’s made up propaganda from extreme right-wingers who’ve lost their marbles. The truth comes from this man, Dr. Anthony Mafioso Fauci.

He knows.

It’s good to have people in important positions we can trust.

Any other kind of information is misinformation and should from this moment forward be considered debunked.

Unless Fauci, for some reason, changes his mind.


Mark Urso

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