Critical Race Theory – Dropping the Names of Those Who Wish to Brainwash Your Children – RI and CT Included

CRT Teachers Called Out

Now they’re coming for your children, and right under your nose. And they’re cheating and lying. All in the name of Critical Race Theory.

And they’re winning. So far.

But the developments are not going unnoticed.

It’s already well underway. The movement, referred to as “CRT,” or Critical Race Theory, a racist dogma as old as prostitution, has found modern supporters in emboldened leftists bent on ruining America.

The awkward thing is, Democrats and leftists have just completed a year-long training for American parents, during which many bad teachers were exposed and during which parents were trained to home-school. I’m sure if the CRT agenda is not completely quashed, public schools in America will never be the same again, and thousands of families will pull their children out of public schools, while calling the cops on the porn-pushers, filing lawsuits against school committees, ousting committee members, running for office and supporting charter schools and other systems which are not subject to state manipulation. CRT will be my primary focus from this point forward.

The more awkward thing is, these teachers DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN. They are political puppets willfully administering this poison pill. There is no benefit to any human from the CRT agenda. Many teachers claim to know nothing about CRT, which is understandable while clearly irresponsible on their part; some teachers abhor the concept … but some identify with it and are willing to go public as supporters. Clearly CRT is real and emerging daily in classrooms around the US, while some educators have denied it like an ugly stepchild. These people, charged with bringing up American kids, know what they’re doing is wrong.

A List Has Been Compiled

Recognize any of these names? Below you’ll find a list of teachers who have committed to further the cause of CRT, poisoning innocent young children, even if a law is passed to prevent it. They are rash, bold and empowered by some kind of mental illness, and they hate America. A long list of teacher names was published by The Daily Wire.

This is what they signed:

“A recent bill introduced in the Missouri legislature exemplifies a rash of similar bills — in Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Arizona, and North Carolina — that aim to prohibit teachers from teaching the truth about this country: It was founded on dispossession of Native Americans, slavery, structural racism and oppression; and structural racism is a defining characteristic of our society today … We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events — regardless of the law.”

Here’s a link to the list:

Pledge Signed to Promote CRT


Avon Town Of, Ct
Alicia Kitten

Branford, Ct
Sharon Shirley

Bridgeport, Ct
Deborah Abram, Joshua D. Taylor

Danbury, Ct
Anne Riddle, Kimberly DAuria

Darien Town Of, Ct
Kathleen Anstis

East Hartford, Ct
Katie Lattarulo

Fairfield, Ct
Ken Hoin

Hamden, Ct
Dina Secchiaroli, Elizabeth Young

Litchfield, Ct
Matthew Evangelisti

Meriden, Ct
Eileen O’Brien

Middlebury, Ct
Jason Kahn

Mystic, Ct
Michele Manning

New Britain, Ct
Erika Dawson Head, barbara maselek

New Haven, Ct
Dana Palmieri, Emily MacMelburn, Nataliya Braginsky, Scott Meikle

New Preston Marble Dale, Ct
Eileen Kelly

Newtown, Ct
Paul D’Agostino

Norwalk, Ct
Jennifet Pokorney

Norwich, Ct
Steve Schumacher

Orange, Ct
Rich Novack

Riverside, Ct
Kelly Bridges

Shelton, Ct
Katelyn Tucker

Southbury, Ct
Yarel Marshall

Southington, Ct
Deborah kennedy, Heather A., Joan Hurley

Southport, Ct
Lila Schooler

Stamford, Ct
Nan Frydland, Zoe Harris

Storrs Mansfield, Ct
Ed Dorgan, Elyse Poller

Washington Depot, Ct
Julien Herpers, Robert Mandl

West Hartford Town Of, Ct
Jessica Greenebaum

West Hartford, Ct
Gregory Shenk, Sharon Lanza

Westport, Ct
Michele Cerino, Peter Murrugarra

Windsor Locks, Ct
Jason Qua

Woodstock, Ct
Laura Buffi


Barrington, Ri
Pamela Poniatowski

Block Island, Ri
Jayne Conway

Charlestown, Ri
Theresa Bouley

Chepachet, Ri
Stacy Lamontagne

Cranston, Ri
Padriag Mahoney

Cumberland, Ri
Erika Mutter, Paula Davy

East Providence, Ri
Alyson Catalan, Rodney López

Johnston, Ri
Brandon Hawk

Newport, Ri
Gene Thompson-Grove

Pawtucket, Ri
Kyleen Carpenter, Paul Pasaba

Providence, Ri
Alyssa Mason, Beatrice McGeoch, Davis Alianiello, Emily abedon, Gwendolyn Rogers, Heidi Lamb, Jessie Kingston, Juanita Montes de Oca, Leslie Grinner, Lindsay Paiva, Sara Bilman, Stacy Cardin, Susan Hodgin, Taylor Stoermer

Riverside, Ri
Amanda Day

Rumford, Ri
Kare Mercurio, Tina Tryforos, jessica weber

Saunderstown, Ri
Michael Griffin

Wakefield, Ri
michelle manning

Warwick, Ri
Darshell Silva

Woonsocket, Ri
Rebecca Svhmitt


Please share as you see fit. There are, at this point in time, probably more deniers, even among teachers, that CRT even exists. The people on this list are determined to steamroll their agenda through, which is focused on ruining your children’s futures, confusing them and making them feel bad about themselves, using your tax money.

There are teachers who have pledged to continue poisoning your children even if a law is passed to prevent it. . In Tennessee, Liz Jarvis, an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at Cornerstone Prep in Memphis, said she will not abide by a bill that passed the State House, should it be signed into law. The Daily Wire reports “To be frank, the bill will not make it harder for my personal classroom because I plan to ignore it,” Jarvis said. “Who’s going to enforce it?” The article opines “Teachers and education officials have increasingly expressed scorn at the desires of parents who entrust their kids to them, telling themselves they have a moral obligation to belabor a sense of pervasive oppression to impressionable young people.”

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Mark Urso

2 Replies to “Critical Race Theory – Dropping the Names of Those Who Wish to Brainwash Your Children – RI and CT Included”

  1. Look up Solutreans and attrocities done to people who traveled to North America to such us scalping among other things. Whites were here before Columbus to that schools ignore also they ignore the fact that white slavery existed to. If you want further facts about this look into it while you still can. There are also still attrocities done on Whites in South Africa to. Of course no one talks about that though.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I love what you do. Just wanted to point one thing out. I too completely agree that the indigenous people of North America were dishonored treaty to treaty and it deserves the same brutal and systemic attention to detail all history merits. The difference between my vantage point and a leftist is I understand that it began with a papal bull from Rome and continued under the tutelage of first Spanish, Venetian, and Portuguese, then British and French Kings. The colonists themselves were also not homogeneous in their decency. Some were lovely people. Some weren’t. And the real crux of the matter is I also know that the whole world was emerging from indentured servitude and feudalism. And lastly, whatever anyone might attribute to the wisdom of America’s founders, when an enterprise divorcing its subjects from the Royal yolk, two very obvious rock and a hard place choices will present themselves. Either face the King of England’s wrath with no financing or accept the European banks demands to have a huge hand in foreign and domestic policy in exchange for the financial means for defense. They chose the latter on a limitation of 20 years and paid the debt off and said goodbye for another 100 but even with that these people are insidious. I don’t think there will be anybody left who can take in information like this without it being reduced to a soundbite. Which makes it tempting to skip all the curvy roads that share all your sentiments but still sees the merit of not fighting their reductionist propaganda with streamlined black and white ideas of your own. CRITICAL RACE THEORY tempts us to easily to fall wanting to shut down the pipeline fast but stupid people will continue to dull us to pieces and critical thinkers can handle the nuance. And cultural wars only headhunt for the latter prize. You can’t fix stupid.

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