Drones Over Brazil

This is (lyrics to) a song I wrote four years-ago, about the Summer Olympics in Brazil, August in Rio. 7.5 million tickets were sold. The event went without any major international issues. There were drones in formation above the main stadium, and on the huge rock in the background, facing the bay, an enormous statue of Jesus. I remember enjoying watching the events on TV (thus the references to TV commercials).

It’s called “Crazy World”

Did you notice
Do you think it’s odd
Our little world
Is really very large

The ball keeps turning
Despite our fears it won’t
The news keeps coming
And should keep our fears afloat

But Jesus watches over us
With his concrete arms
Our valleys and our mountaintops
Will be very safe from harm

100-feet of rock
A French sculptor I am told
A symbol of peace across the world
When the air is crisp and cold

Got to buy some furniture
Got to get a good lawyer
Got to find a pimple cream
And politics make me want to scream

Bend it straight and it’s still bent
My peace of mind is not for rent
No-one’s business but my own
If I consecrate the Astrodome

There’s a country called the Netherlands
There’s drones over Brazil
Cristo Rei, with open hands
I pray the world is well!

. . . Young-ones-looking-old
Keep the old ones feeling young
This crazy world’ll keep spinnin’ ‘round
. . . Until my song is sung …

Mark Urso

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