CROWDER 911: How to Train your Joe Biden | Louder With Crowder

The Biden Sniff

Just sharing! This skit puts a misbehaving Joe Biden face to face with Cesar Milan, who will teach the Biden owner how to “stop the brain, from escalating to a place of sexual assault.” All responsible voters must watch!

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Isaiah Armstrong
Now we need to learn how to control AOC

It’s 2am and I just woke my wife up laughing. “That’s not good!”

DMax M249
What’s crazy is that Joe Biden‘s actions in this skit aren’t even exaggerated!

Seeing Crowder dressed as Caesar Milan almost made me spit my soda out. Highlight of my day!

Katie Rose
Fun fact: They didn’t need to hire an actor. Biden just came and was told to ‘be himself

The accent is on point. LMAO

Philip Gregory Maingot
“Now he can has water. He can has”

Toq The Wise
“I rehabilitate Joe Bidens, I train voters.”

“Das not good…”

He can only has water, when you tell him he can has water

Fog Factory
“Just snap the Brain out of it” I wish this could apply to Democrats

Jordan Scheurer
Now hes going to have conservatives going around hissing at Democrats. Lol

Lone Rider Gaming
I wonder if Crowder’s neighbors are like hearing screaming look outside oh it’s just Steven making a new video!

That was the funniest thing I ever saw, literally crying right now.


Mark Urso

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