Congress Has Been Compromised

Good morning! It’s Friday, and Donald Trump is still the President! Joe Biden is still a liar and many Americans seem to have been hypnotized!

Reading social media has turned into a dangerous experience! It’s gone from unfair to just plain uncool.

So we have to look, now, at the long game.

I don’t know what that is. That’s why I’m writing this Thursday night, and I’m about to go to bed. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say.

This is good, though:

Twitter has been suspending users, but I also believe many users have been deleting their accounts, all day Thursday. I personally only had about 3200 followers, but I lost 200; now I’m just under 3k. People with bigger accounts were saying they lost thousands of followers.

So that happened.

What’s next?

What’s next?

That’s the problem! The roads all look muddy and mucky. I don’t trust them.

The Daily Phoenix takes a sober look at what’s next in the article “What Happens Next: Democratic Control and Conservative Action.”

“Keep in mind they made this decision at a time when some Americans are sleeping in their cars because they are out of work from COVID. Unless you prove Biden won you can expect the civil unrest to continue. It is foolish to believe that these problems will disappear if left alone. The calls for unity would have gone a lot further if a serious effort was put forth to prove the legitimacy of the election.”

“Conservatives need to learn to defend each other. In internet culture, the left jumps on conservatives like rabid dogs in online forums. If you see someone discussing policy decisions that are important to you,

Don’t just lurk! Speak up! Join the conversation!

Your freedoms are worth fighting for!”

In the meantime, I’ve done all I can! I’m just going to sharpen my pen or something. It’ll come to me. Trust!

And, as you head into your bright new, promising day, goodnight!


Mark Urso

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