Combining Bitter Hate With Utter Ignorance

Ignorance is Dangerous

This one’s self-explanatory.

But it has so many levels, it’s impressive and thought provoking!

Somebody had to share it. I don’t trust CBS with stuff like this.

You can click on this to make it bigger. The chances of these posts being deleted was high, so I took a screenshot. Thank me later!

Yes, that woman is a Georgia State Representative. She’s not cool.

Let the Hate Flow

She does love coyotes, but that’s about it. She’s a hater. If you’re wondering what one looks like (a hater, not a coyote), here’s a Harvard student and a state rep named Dar’shun. With an apostrophe; she’s VERY unique. I think she went too far, hating and forgetting to stop talking. It’s brutal to the sensibilities of those of us who aren’t so unique when hypocrisy stands tall in the streets, flows proudly in the wind with all eyes blind. Why? How? It can’t be a mistake.

She clearly doesn’t know what the slang means, but this is a clear admission this woman’s sole mission is not to make good decisions for the citizens, it’s simply to join a bandwagon of a thoughtless group who, instead of labeling themselves something positive like “patriot,” call themselves never-trumpers; never thinkers; never open-minded; never smarter than the other guy; never nothin’ but stubborn.

Never! It’s in their name! Be proud!

Never be clever, never actually listen, never think for yourself!

It is literally their motto.

Politics With Blinders On

Never consider anything (said by a certain person) to be anything but embarrassingly awful. We all know 10 year-olds who would easily see this as intellectually stifling. She’s a state rep, and this is unforgivable!

And one-thousand points to college being overrated.

Upon closing my brief blog entry this evening … wait! There’s more!

All Hail The Fallen King!

At this point, we might migrate our inquiry from the US President’s Oval Office, to Twitter’s lavish imperial suite, where we find the ever thoughtful and fair King John (@KingJohnTX), who presents his honorable conclusions:

On the dim side of things (edited Feb. 11, 2021), the screenshot below shows what happened to our friend King John. Sad to see him go!

On the bright side of things, I wanted to mention, Chuck Woolery has a website and podcast that looks like it’s worth a listen! His description:
Blunt Force Truth: The Show is for people who know that ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is dangerous.


Mark Urso

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