C’mon To The Store (A Poem)

C’mon to the store with me!
We’re gonna buy everything we see!
We’ll get to know each other
By way of groceries!

Butter rum candy in aisle ten
Hershey’s syrup just say when!
Ginger ale and Haagen Dazs
Hey! Ya gotta understand me, boss!

Steak and cheese and tater chips
Kinda sounds like a good mix!
I don’t really need the whole foods buffet
But I’ll kick down a super sized lemonade!

Butter my toast and don’t you burn it!
I had a hidden Hershey’s syrup!
Maybe that’s where I get my kicks!
Get my fix! Hey! Get some Chex Mix!

I just wanna let you know where I get my abs
From scoopin’ fresh ‘Dazs in my underpants
And how come I ain’t got no butt
When I smother my ice cream in coconut!

I’m not proud of everything I eat
But, hey! I wanted you to meet
My grocery personality!
You be the judge, he ain’t so nasty!

Pastel spices ’n strawberry freeze
Poppy fields and bumblebees!
Baby baby baby be my rock and roll Twinkie
You know I wanna Winn your Dixie!

Mark Urso


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